Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Element xD Interesting!

A New Element added to the Periodic Table
Name: Girl
Symbol: Gl
Atomic Weight: Don't even dare 2 ask!

Physical Properties:
Boils at anytime, can freeze at anytime,
melts if handled with love & care,
very bitter if Mishandled

Chemical Properties:
Very Reactive, Highly Unstable,
Possess strong affinity 4 Gold,Platinum,Diamond & Other precious Metals

Money reducing agent,
Volatile when left alone.

Mostly found in front of mirror.

My First Court Experience

As i enter the court for the first feeling i was excited... After the judge came in the situation become tense and i started to feel nervous coz the first judgement kena RM6000 fine for drink and drive... i wonder will my saman from 300 turned into 1000 if i lose the case? really gatal go cari pasal go court >.<

then after that i realise they place those drink and drive ( heavy offence ) in front... im kind of behind becoz mine consider case yang remeh xD

however in that court around 40 judgement... in the majistret court that day the only procedure is they read ur offence then ask u "mengaku atau tidak" if mengaku then u get to speak out ur "rayuan". If tak mengaku then u go back to ur seat and wait....

almost everyone mengaku besides me and a few... and the " a few" who tak mengaku is actually their car already sold with those documents and the police misplace the offense to the previous owner... they got those document proof... another guy is becoz someone used their IC ( Lost IC) means only me with small matter who "tak mengaku"

all those same rank of offense everyone already mengaku zzzz except me zzzz
the offense reader was shocked when i first say out "tak mengaku" She somemore ask me in english if i understand malay... i replied Yes, I Tak Mengaku

then i didn't get to explain further but being ordered to sit back to my seat and wait zzzzzz

after sometime a police came to me bring me outside the room and ask me is it ok if i settle it with "mengaku"? no need so much trouble he can ask the judge discount for me... RM150

then i insist not to... ask him if i continue tak mengaku whats the procedure? he say u have to come to next month hearing... today cannot settle directly? nope...

then after i go in... the police talk to me again persuade me to mengaku politely so no need to keep coming to the court so troublesome.. he also hint that my punishment already discusss with the judge for RM150 settlement...

my turn again... they ask 2nd time if i mengaku or not again... if not they will arrange for the next trials..

I go forth... they ask me mengaku or not... then i was thinking Im bringing trouble to my self travel here and there only... i just wanna debate just wanna talk my point out...

so i say: "OKlo i mengaku lo" then they say "Rayuan?"

Then i say" My rayuan is to judge me as im not guilty" the judge was shocked then started to look at me... (all the time shes filling on papers and writting i dunno what... now she starts to listen"

I say my rayuan is to judge me as im not guilty without punishment and fines becoz i mengaku not becoz i salah is becoz i lose to the system and procedure u all set... im not a rich guy and i dun have time... i cant afford traveling from Penang to KL so many times dragging the case... i got so many things to do ( Ya i know>.< i working in KL but good thing is my IC is Penang address haha ) i told the judge i studied accounting... very pandai kira... pay the saman with discount RM150 in police station why not? why i insist not paying but choose to travel from Pg to KL thru and flo for Mileage at least RM200? im bodoh? coz i want justice...

Further i say: I didn't study law... but what i know about Malaysia law is im not guilty until it is proven... and its the enforcement job to prove that im guilty!!! not my job to prove that im innocent!!! thats the constitution of Malaysia law... So that day only me and the traffic police... so i guess no witness for that case... now whats the proof left? The Saman? then i can say the saman is an invalid prove... coz nama salah, address salah just IC correct... ( actually its only one letter spelling mistake >.<

So i rayu for not guilty since u all cant prove that im guilty

Then the judge say ok the judgement : Kerana sudah mengaku Amaran saja...

then they give me a letter close the case without any fines and punishment.. :P

then the police who earlier ask me to pay RM150 tease me wah u dari Penang u macam Lim Guan Eng lor lolz