Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tak Cakap Tak Tau lo.....

I'm Super Adolescent(Naive) thats why i just learn something new today that i never been thought of!!

Catch you is to protect you!!!!! Sometimes in order to protect someone... u need to catch and lock someone up!!!

O ya by the way i recently get to know a new friend. His only 6 years old... cute little boy...He very pandai cakap... he say in future when he grow up he wanna be a lawyer.
his name is S.Hamid who is a very nice kid...seriously he can joke very well =) thats what his name all about

S.H. = Super Humorous!!!

When i feel boring I'll find him and his joke will really make me laugh whole day! When got chance i introduce him to u la ;)

Monday, September 8, 2008

1 Day Trip to Alor Setar

1st September 2008 HOLIDAY~
i drag 3 friends to follow me to Alor Setar - Bukit Kayu Hitam
We pay RM15 for the trip that provides food and transportation and also entrance fee...
why so cheap?
Coz its sponsored! =D

Who are the three : Jason Gavin William =D

Bukit Kayu Hitam i bought 2 box of chocolate - Guylian SeaShell Chocolate and another one is Yogurt Chocolate no alchohol coz we need to stay there for at least 72 hours b4 we get duty free!!! =(

Next we visit Lye Huat Garden...

Honey Bear ... they stand in curiousity when we watch them XD

Fish feeding...

Padi Museum in Kedah

Padi Museum Entrance...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jay Chou - Start to listen to his music! Cool

I dun listen to Jay Chou's music previously... i love to listen to Li Hom's music... bcoz of last time Jay Chou's early album all rap-py and like reading books... doesn't sound like singing at all!!!

After watching "Secret" directed by him himself... i start to really admire his talent playing the piano... i go listen to some of his music... Woooo nice... its another kind (taste) of music... really creative and talented... a lot of songs just sounds so nice no longer sounds so rap-py and dead... his really good in music... talented one =) downloaded lots of his music to my com =D

seriously previously not even one song by him in my com and regular red box kaki like me never choose his song to sing... HAHAHAHA but now different... must learn and sing his song d next red box session ;)

31st August 2008

What do you think of when you see 31st August 2008? Too bad its i thought of Baskin Robin hahaha thats the first ting comes in to my mind this year. Actually i went on 30th August with Gavin and William.

Mango Tango + Very Berry Strawberry
Weird huh? This year don't have much feeling towards Merdeka day...not as happening as previous year... kinda quiet... shhhhhhhhhhh .... silent night holynight~ all is calm..... :P

Cute Car in Penang

Haha got this shot at Pulau Tikus... Cute lovely car with a "heart" and its not a wedding car... :P