Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tak Cakap Tak Tau lo.....

I'm Super Adolescent(Naive) thats why i just learn something new today that i never been thought of!!

Catch you is to protect you!!!!! Sometimes in order to protect someone... u need to catch and lock someone up!!!

O ya by the way i recently get to know a new friend. His only 6 years old... cute little boy...He very pandai cakap... he say in future when he grow up he wanna be a lawyer.
his name is S.Hamid who is a very nice kid...seriously he can joke very well =) thats what his name all about

S.H. = Super Humorous!!!

When i feel boring I'll find him and his joke will really make me laugh whole day! When got chance i introduce him to u la ;)

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