Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Naughty Witty Me Joke For A Laugh~ =D


This is a famous chinese word of wisdom since ages ago which means: Who in this world will not die? it is important for us to die with honour!!

I suddenly remembered something i did when i was in form 3 ,if i'm not mistaken yea i make the edit XD lol and even spread in the internet... haha

人生自古谁无屎 ren sheng zi gu shui wu shi
谁能大便不用纸 shui neng da bian bu yong zhi
若君不用厕所纸 ruo jun bu yong ce suo zhi
除非你是用手指 chu fei ni shi yong shou zhi

After edit and modify it became a funny poems that rhymes in chinese which means:

Who in this world never "shit"?
Who can shit wihout using toilet papers?
If you are not using the toilet papers
Unless you are using fingers.

Haha Enjoy! have a nice day! Be Happy always!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

PILIHANRAYA!!!!! 8th of March

Selection is around the corner... polling on 8th of March! Sempena PilihRaya lets enjoy this clip while its not deleted :P HOPEFULLY i won't kena tangkap masuk jail!!! LOL XD


Jane Zhang --- Lovin' You (Voice of Dolphin)

Lovin' You is one of my favourite song and this girl-- Jane Zhang sing it so perfectly!! Really sweet voice with such a sweet look too =)

take note of the highest note of the song... its call the dolphin voice... she did greatly!

Just share with you her--- "Lovin' You"---- Enjoy!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Recording in Studio...

In Chinese new year everyone gather together again... we have some wine and beer from Scotland not like Malaysian Beer its 8% alchohol... Its not the wine that warm my heart... its not the beer that brings happiness and laughters... Its our old old friends who gather together! Our hearts will never depart no matter where we are! They are already part of our life!

Friends are the blessing from God that brings joy and laughter to our life and comfort us when we are down and upset...

Few Years back when I was in form 5 ... we know we will depart soon... me and my best friends...we grow up together since primary school.its a tough year! not because of SPM but because of the seperation after the exam. We were going to further our studies somewhere out there... Before we depart, we decided to make a recording as something to keep for memory!

One of the song...

Amazing Grace

(sorry the singing is not synchronized >.<)

Its a rush decisions where we didn't really plan what we will sing.. nor practice... we just want something to keep so we just went to the studio and were shocked with the price per hour charged but we continue... haha we just sing without stop even with mistake. just competing with time so we can finish as many songs as possible in one hour! haha We are even stingy enuf not to edit the CD and only make one copy then burn it ourself at home XD lolxxxx no choice ma we are still form 5 student, din earn money yet wor!!!

A movie a thought...

I'm a pirated DVD "supporter" lol! no choice! I'm a movie lover but not that much money to buy originals! :P I went Batu Ferrenghi bought 20 DVDs and get 2 free yesterday! Today I search around my drawers and cupboard searching for old movies (Those movies that i've watched before) Doesn't feel like watching those DVD i bought yesterday. Its midnight now and yea i haven't sleep yet.
Finally a famous korean movie caught my interest! (My sassy girlfriend)

Its great to watch movie midnight! Ur surrounding is so silent and peaceful and your brain that doesn't sleep goes hyperactive for imagination! Ur emotion is easier to be lead and influence by the atmosphere around u at this moment! Of course not when u're sleepy and tired! arghhhh my "batman" life! lol.
The movie really captured my feelings. Am i too emotional? Its kind of "tears droping" feeling inside me. Of course without the tears. especially at the ending part when they met again! So beautiful love story. How nice if these kind of "story" really happen in real life!

What is love? From the movie, how nice the guy remembered every moment with the girl, everything said by the girl and tolerate with all her desire to make her happy. He then taught the guy who went for matchmaking with the girl just wishing the girl would be happy even tho he knew by doing that he might lost the girl.

Sometime love is so cruel! We never get what we desire! But the best thing we can do is to hope that she'll be happy! Often someone u like doesn't like u and someone likes u but u dun like her. Different person has different view some would say since there's someone who likes u why not give it a try! For me its unfair to both of us. Love dun lies. We actually know who is potential and who is not not! Its unfair and i'll call it " looking for spare tires" "play" but not "giving chance".

In the movie the girl has a boyfriend who passed away which she can't actually let go! And thats the reason the girl want the guy to wait for her. How touching the guy waited longer than the promised date to meet and even planted a new tree so that one day when the girl return she will not be sad as the old tree gone. A true love will remains even time passes by, however we can choose to let go and choose not to love anymore and as soon as we choose and determine to let go, the love will be a fullstop.

Last year and this year i got a few friends who break up but not sure if you guys reading these! I know its hard to let go and its pain! till now some still missing them! But its time to let go. Love is about decision like i've said u can choose to love and never be shaken by the time aftering a true love on the other hand u can choose to let go too on a passed relationship!

a love parable...

Love is like stones along the road! There's a lot of beautiful shinny stones but you can only choose one! however the road is a one way street! Once you drop it or walk passed and missed it, u need to go fourth and there will be no return for u. When u found the stone if its the stone u know u want! Don't be undecided! Pick it up! Hold it tide! Coz u will regret to miss it! At least u might wanna give a try to keep it better than not to try walking away with regrets in ur heart! If its not meant for you or its not what you think its best for you then let go of the stone coz in front of you there's lots of beautiful stone! Pick it up only when u really find the stone u like, the stone u know its meant for u! Never miss out the best stone which might have appear besides u! Be alert!make sure its not a regretful decision not to pick up a stone when u walk pass them coz...remember? one way street, no turning back.
another parabel was in my mind a moment ago but arghhh forget d!
Hmmm am i high now? used to every midnight... :S i also dunno what i'm crapping in this blog! Just feel like typing and writting! but i dun feel like reading back or cheking back what i've wrote! coz if i do so! i'll realise how seriously i've been crapping and i'll sure press the backspace and delete button! So better not read back but post up this blog ! ^.^

o ya i recalled the other parable...

Love is like a movie, very true! U are the main actor/actress of the movie! But somehow u can never tell who's the main actress/actor until the end of the movie! In our life we met with many different class of person... friends, classmates, business partners, boss, teacher... etc! We fall in love ... we break up with our partners... it leaves memory behind of all the person we met! some happy, some hurts! Some people felt it is the end of the days when they break up but they never realise these---its just the beginning of the story and he/she not like what you thought! they are not the main actor/actress! So ... move on! let it be! let the movie continues let us see who's the real main actor/actress waiting ahead us!

woooo i crap so long!3:23am now :S its time to watch another movie! blood and choclate? hmmm... lets see!recent movie this time undecide yet! too many DVD :P

(Actually this is my old blog from friendster... just find it meaningful so i transfer it here.. this was posted like 1 yr ago)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take the thought for the things of itself.Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Matthew 6:34

There's always 3 days in our life... yesterday,today and tomorrow.
Yesterday is a past tense....
yesterday's sorrow...yesterday's burden...yesterday's mistake....
Yesterday shall vanish outside of our memories...

we are just human being, we can't undo our mistake nor take back the words we have spoken out...
all the regrets,mistakes and burden should we really bear it ourselves?
Pass it to God who loves us so much... His able...He turned my moaning into dancing,He make my desert flows out fresh water... Besides some sweet memories from yesterday will remain in my heart, Yesterday has already become my past, it belongs to Him, and Today is a new day which belongs to me.

Tomorrow...the sun will rise from the east and shine brightly in the sky or the sun will hide under the cloud... Its an uncertainty for tomorrow,something that out of our control. Tomorrow might be a pleasant day or the other way round? no one knows...
But 1 thing for sure... the sun will still rise up to the sky. We cannot control our tomorrow so why bother? Yesterday and Tomorrow belongs to Him (God) he will take care of everything and make it to be on the best way... the only day belong to us is Today...

Today is the day to enjoy coz yesterday has past... its time for us to move on to prepare ourselves to welcome tomorrow with a big smile on our face. Its the best decision to make to let Him has our yesterday and prepare our tomorrow and we oursleves to live today without regrets.... so it to the fullnest and be happy with it!

His way is my way!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My First Compose < I Love You>

I love music, sentimental and jazz ... violin,piano... singing, dancing, cmposing...

This is my first composed song entitled " I Love You", its a Christian song expressing the love towards Jesus.This really means a lot to a newbie composer like me to win the first prize by God's grace as an encouragement to go further and compose more songs...

Original Demo of < I Love You >
(The tempo has been changed to a faster pace)

I don't have good device like direct Sound System + CD writter to make the demo record... its just a cassette recording.. XD I think the blog cannot support Audio File Attachment (Only Pictures and Video) so i add clips and turned it into a video files to upoad it wahaha

Feel free to comment and leave suggestion for improvement... =)