Friday, December 10, 2010

New Compose - A Journey with You

My new compose:

A Journey with You

I'm a piece of clay
You shape me everyday


Life has no replay


You watch me grow
You make me whole
You take me through the storms
Make my world unfold

A journey with You~~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I turn back and see,
then i look in front of me~
how pathetic it is for me~
wasted so much time previously...


i didn't really did my best, i didn't really live life to the fullness, end up i realize my friends, my primary school mates are way in front of me living such a successful and meaningful life~~

1/3 of my life span already past~~ scary

Once i heard we can still change before 30s... 5 more years to go... will i still be in the same situation? Its time to equip my self and spend my time efficiently. i have to chase back what i've lost

我真的不甘心我浪费掉的光阴,过去已经过去不能再改变,前面就只有更加努力的追回了!前方的朋友等我吧! 我来了!

改变思想,努力 珍惜每秒 朝向理想迈进!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Past and Future~

人生的过去总是留下了多多少少的遗憾。。。 每个人都希望可以重来。。。很多人就此责怪,埋怨 而停下了脚步。。。 过去的遗憾变成了绊脚石。。。。
不如自我反省, 从今天起! 活出生命,活得精彩,活出100%

我们不能改变过去, 却能改变未来!=)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Form 6

Once upon a time when i was in Form 6 ( for 3 months )
We practice and learn a dance to present for the teachers/senior..
haha interesting memories when i look back at these photos...


A very touching and nice story about the impact towards life after the earthquake!

Tangshan Earthquake, 28 July 1976. When a mother is informed by the rescue team that, as her 7-year old twins are buried under the debris close to each other, digging one out would result in further collapse of the wreckage on the other, she is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. As the clock ticked away, she finally ended her struggle and chose to save the boy, and though heartbroken, she had no idea her decision was overheard by the daughter. Deemed as a dead person, the little girl miraculously survived and was rescued after being buried for days. Suffering from the emotional shock of the disaster and the painful memory of her mothers choice, she refused to reveal who she was. She was adopted by a young couple and later moved to the US, but shadowed by the traumatic experience from her childhood; she forever remained emotionally closed up. When the Sichuan earthquake takes over 80,000 lives in 2008, she volunteers to join the rescue team and returns to her homeland, China. As she witnesses the tribulations people go through when a natural disaster takes place, she finally unlocks the pain she had felt all these years and finds forgiveness. She finally reunites with the mother and twin brother she had parted from after 32 years. A human drama about finding forgiveness, Aftershock depicts not only the fatal tragedy that is brought on by natural disaster of great levels but also the strength and courage that is demonstrated when we are in face of extreme and devastating situations.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Treasure what we have !

何为人生? 人生总是曲折。。。 他选择停止抱怨(失去双臂),而去珍惜现在所拥有的(生命),把生命活得更精彩~ 敬佩!

What is life? Life is full with unexpected ups and downs... he chose to stop murmuring about what he has lost (arms) and treasures what he still has and live his life to the fullness! Respect!

Our life is always full with obstacles... it depends on how we see things and how we treat our life~ Sometimes we are too concentrate on our lost until we neglected what is even more important that we still have...

We can make a different by changing our perspective and being positive!
Treasure what we have and live our life with no regrets! ;)