Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I turn back and see,
then i look in front of me~
how pathetic it is for me~
wasted so much time previously...


i didn't really did my best, i didn't really live life to the fullness, end up i realize my friends, my primary school mates are way in front of me living such a successful and meaningful life~~

1/3 of my life span already past~~ scary

Once i heard we can still change before 30s... 5 more years to go... will i still be in the same situation? Its time to equip my self and spend my time efficiently. i have to chase back what i've lost

我真的不甘心我浪费掉的光阴,过去已经过去不能再改变,前面就只有更加努力的追回了!前方的朋友等我吧! 我来了!

改变思想,努力 珍惜每秒 朝向理想迈进!

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