Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Up and down? its a DOWN DOWN DAY today~~~~

NOTE: below blog is only meant for bloggers WITH BLOGS to view! others without BLOG pls dun read! Or else ter-hurt u i dunno!! i'm just expressing my feeling!!!!Feel Free to comment too!!! Hope this won't affect our friendship if u ter-read this! Serious,u should stand on my side and feel my pain!!!!! grrrrrr....

The feeling of looking forward in the beginning... and suppose to be enjoying HK in 3 more weeks who knows end up sitting at home doing nothing... uhhhhh! FUK THAT!!!! shouldn't have being so tolerate towards her and spoil my own trip! should have ignore and book the ticket in the first place!!! arghhhhh!!!

uh...i'm really speechless... ccan hardly express my feelings now... mixture of discourage, disspointment, pissed off, angry, lost, upset, regret,down.... my blood is boiling..... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ wtf...... i'm gong to burst if i don't blog about this and express and release my self!!!!

I've quit my vulgar words years ago... tho sometimes still unconsciously pop out the "F" word from my mouth sometimes when i'm driving, but today my whole day i keep scolding all those bad words myself. damn... mcb, fk, lc everything just can't stop coming out from my mouth! Imagine how pissed i am!

back to the story from the beginning...

Timmy (my best friend) last year suggest we (the best buddies from CCOP) could have a trip to Hong Kong after he finish his study this April... we are very excited with it!

WHOS GOING--- Me,Timmy and Johnny

Add-on---- Charis(Johnny's GF) and Million (CuriosityKills)
why not? more people more merrier!!! ^.^

Me: anytime before May(assignment) and after June( after my finals)

Timmy: anytime as long as after 15 April his final paper and before July before he starts to work.

Johnny: Anytime, the best is when he gets his pay end of April

Charis: Anytime as long as boss consent to release her from work.

Million: Before MAy 12 (Going to scotland on June for further study)

Date of departure we decided: somewhere around April 18th or 25th either week!
Reason: 5 of us can make it!

Promo air asia: RM325
(booking period: end of February)
too bad when we wanna book Charis can't confirm her application for leave yet! so we decided to wait for her...

Consequences: everyone need to pay extra RM160 for non promo ticket.

well, we dun mind coz 5 of us are friends!

last sunday (15th April) decided to book but Charis can't confirm yet... so we decided to wait again.

at last Charis boss reply on this Tuesday (Yesterday) but Boss suggess that she take leave on 18th April's week... Sumhow her boy frnd Johnny disagree 3rd week bcoz pay haven't come out...

2 solution: Johnny pinjam money from us and his 2 elder Sister first (I agree, i'm sure Timmy will agree too or Charis ask her boss for last week leave)

This morning my phone ring.... Johnny told me :" you all go la, me an Charis go on July, July got sales... and we can find a tourist guide to guide us so won't lost in HK save more time...

I reply:" what about timmy they all? "

Johnny:" i already told timmy the plan."

SPEECHLESS!!!! SWEAT!!!!!! my mood just down turn!! DOWWWWWWWWNNNN LAAAAAAA!!! MUNTAH DARAH!!!! the reason we choose April is becoz 5 of us can make it...and this is a group tour of course must consider more than shoppings and sales ma!!!

of course i also know the best time to go HK according to Dad is SEPTEMBER!!!! (Nice weather cahnging season of course summer clothes will have SUPER BIG OFFER) but timmy million can't make it! so whats the point?

Million's reply after knowing this: kx u see how la,see what tim says la, if susah i no nid go nvm lo , if u all decide to continue i'll follow"

with a very down down mood i ask Timmy's decision, no choice but to follow lo, tak kan i go with million 2 person meh? tak kan i got with the couple be light bulb meh?

but timmy seems disappointed too, he tell me :our HONG KONG trip timeless POSPONED!!!!!

Haiz...... i'm feeling like killing ppl .... my feeling just beyond description!!! Really BIG BIG SWT!!! NOW u guys know why i say if i dun blog bout this i will burst!!

I'm so LOOKING FORWARD HONG KONG trip which will depart in another 3 weeks just CRASHED AND FAILED like this! WTF!!!!!!! I've learnt my lesson!!! I SWEAR!!! There's NO NEXT TIME on something something!!!!!! CHOOSING UR TOUR PARTNERS DO MATTERS A LOT!!!

Timmy if u read this... if u anytime change ur mind wanna go on April... even its last minute i will pack and go with u!! Even if its only two of us! or three of us if million wanna join...

Speed Test

and destroyed 99 keyboards


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miss Charis Birthday Celebration (22 March 2008)

Happy Birthday to Miss Charis (Mr Johnny's another half)! hahaha

Her actual birthdate is on 28th March but its on Friday and since one of her best friend Ms Venice purposely come over from Butterworth to Penang Island... so Charis decided to belanja us (all the Ji Mui ssss and brotherhood) to makan sambil celebrate her birthday!

Destination : Bukit Genting (Teluk Kumbar)

This is my first time there... and the restaurant serves Thai Food!

The road is seriously sloppy, narrow and dangereous... but when reaching the peek of the mountain, it worth everything.... what a beautiful and amazing scenary... its really relaxing and a new world to enjoy!

On top of the mountain theres a few "pondok" with a table and thats the place we dine!

The atmosphere there is really romantic at night with beautiful night sceneries and lightings XD

there is also a small garden for you to walk around and enjoy the mountain top fresh air!

We manage to took a few photos of the sunset... and all the bros and sis take turn to camwhoring :P lol leng zai + leng lui with a sunset background really makes the photos looks like a postcard!

After a moment, the dishes are ready... I would rate it as "thumbs up"
the food are really delicious and special... not those kind of thai food we ussually get to taste! Its really yummy!!! Definitely the taste makes me wanna come back again one day!

after our food, we move on to the cake cutting and caddle blowing session...

Hmmm what wish did she made? "Get marry soon with Johnny"? muahahaha

i rarely eat birthday cakes... but the cake Victor and others bought for Charis really delicious.. its a Cheese cake (with some blueberries beside and choclate pieces above the cakes) from Witz? i not sure the shop's name but its at Prima Tanjung (Near 7-11 there)

After that we decided to walk around and enjoy the beautiful peek of the mountain... we took some photos with some creations and designs there.

After taking some photos... here we go again through the narrow slope.....

Happy Birthday Charis! ;)
More photos of leng lui and leng zai and the birthday girl will be post when i get them from my friends camera...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shall We Dance? Latin~~~~~

Looking for Latin Dance Partner in Penang !!! Anyone?

I've been searching for latin classes in Penang and now i've found it in Notham Tower Let's Dance (Joo Nee the Nescafe KickStart Champion)

Anyone wanna learn latin with me? its fun,sexy, hot,arogant,charisma to dance latin!!!! <---- see so many merits!!! :P

the class is on Monday 830-930

Pls let me know if you are interested to learn latin dance ok? ;)

Do Not Hate

To Hate a person is like stabbing a knife into your own chest!! You feel the pain but the person you hate don't really feel tha pain! So ..... Why HAte? =)

Take a Deep Breath!!! Smile!! Be Happy Always~~~~~~~

Monday, March 17, 2008

Rachel's Birthday@Third Time Clubbing

Rachel and her guardian angel Mr GavC

This is a photo that i MUST post!!! See GavC face!!! haha this photo was taken before he drink any drops of alcohol... but his face....
hahahahaha high and miang look~ CLASSIC!!!

Date : Friday (14 Wed 2008) Venue : GLO

1st time = CHill Out (class farewell) 2nd time = Thai Club (Christmas)

3rd Time Glo (Rachel's Birthday)

Is it so absurb that i am a third timer for clubbing? Do i really look like a clubbing kaki!
Always my first impression for others is 1) garang 2) ego

garang bcoz of my eye brown tebal XD ego coz when i keep quiet they tot i proud dun want choi people XD actually i am weak in socialise and very shy to strangers... haiz...

ok back to the story...

Around 1130 pm Pali Palam fetch me and GavC to Upper Penang at first we decided to go MOIS but Mr. Sim is underage and were stopped by the macho bouncers at the door.... so we changed to glo....

When we reached Jess bring us in... a lot of Rachel's friend already there... and some event is going on the stage...

Everyone there obviously love dancing!!! Rachel the birthday girl, Sim and also Jess were murmuring about the dance floor being occupied by the dunno apa capalang "MIss Oriental" competition and the Rapper from Hollywood.... yoyo ... ngo hai abc , lei dei hai mbc lol

Luckily they open the dance floor around 1 am... a YAHOOO for all the dancers...

all my friends are really a clubbing kaki... they can dance non-stopand never get tired!! especially the birthday girl!! kaki ayam somemore!!

GavC were forced for three cups of bottom up mixture of coke + chivas... sure high and dizzy for a non drinker :P he gets a bit high...
His the gentleman who accompany the Dancing Queen @ Birthday Girl who insist to dance at the dance floor!

Yea i drink a few cups too... i mixed too much chivas... and get a bit high but still very conscious... lol :P the best of preventing drunk is taking deep breath? dunno i do that everytime when i know i drink a bit too much :P

too bad i don't really dance... i asked pali the shuffle king to show me some shuffle move but i'm wearing the wrong shoes... nike flexi with grib!!! arghh can't even get my feet glide on the floor... so failed to learn... haiz... need to practice my self at home! by the way thx to pali!

o ya we took pictures too... and some are snap shot by a stealth girl stalker (you know who u r) lolz

Sorry for those who ask me to dance =( not i don't want to dance but is I can't dance... not that i don't know how to dancee... i learnt hip hop and LAtin/Ballroom

another word is that i am NOT OPEN enough to dance... too conscious (not high enough) and shy to dance haiz... can't control my self to dance...a spoiler really sorry for that

but again its a great moment to treasure as a lot of people really do enjoy the fun of clubbing as we cheer together laugh together dance together drink together and PARTY tOgeTHer with our friends!!! The Atmosphere RULEZZ!!!

LAstly would like to wish you Happy Birthday Rachel! ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paint Ball or Pain Ball?

She wanna kill me coz of shooting her twice XD

Askar USA perang di hutan Vietnam.... mana tau seekor monkey lari keluar XD

I saw a king kong (pali) in the group photo (Pre-War)

14 March 2008 Friday

Ouchhhhhhhhhhh sakit nya!!! my leg kena shot once by Mr Ben Tan!!! :P Revenge huh? coz i shot his girl friend twice XD in two different rounds....

From the beginning...

GavC call me to join the paintball... of course i agree la coz this will be my second time! Seriously altho it cost me RM 30-40 but it was really fun!!!!!Last time my first time i went indoor PISA,this time they going to Bukit Gambir outdoor! so i join them!!! we reach Bukit Gambir around 215pm.. omg we are late! suppose to meet at 2pm but guess what! grrrr.... they reached at 245pm and another few person reached at 3pm some even FFK us o.0

but its their lost to miss the fun :P we started around 315pm after the briefing...

We divided into two teams... 2 girls also joined the game so they were seperated(JessT/BenjicaJess joined opponent and the birthday girl Rachel joined us). We got 6 person coz our team is inexperienced compare to theirs with 5 person.

We won 2-1 in 3 matches! ;)

o ya GavC same team with me! Ben and Pali Palam opponent us! two macho guy vs two strategic guy of course strategic guy win la XD perasan

Thx to my team mate who cover me! i manage to twice in two different match ran into their based and set up the BOMB!! <---- haha being more metaphore.... actually its pressing the bell which located on their base pondak la XD slopy defence pays the price! nyek nyek! We really had great time!! some were "HEAD SHOT"... stupiak Jess blaming me for her blue black XD gavC with his new green hair hightlight Jess bro enjoying the taste of the paint! The Paint brings the PAiN The PaInt brings the FuN too!! actually the win or lose means nothing to us... its the moment we shared which colours our days! ;) Yea i made a few new friends today! Nice Meeting You Guys! Lets play again and have fun some other time! ;)

Church Camp - part 3 9-3-2008


All the campers woke up early for exercise today... o ya i had a very good night sleep :P with my BLANKET!!! yea! i got it yesterday from my house while i go voting :P

We had our Sunday service and i play the piano... i love playing the Grand Piano in the church... it sounds good.

After the sunday service we had our lunch and we were asked if we want fish & chips or chicken chop for our dinner! Chun!!!! this camp gets the "best meal" rewards..... serious!! thx to the church comittee who sponsor us and Bro. Chee CHiang and his wife Huey Ping who manage the FOod and Beverage.

Afternoon ---workshop -->"si mou" teach us about our charisma, character and personality how to be a better person. Then we divided into three groups and were asked to act on the "correct behaviour" and the "incorrect behaviour" our group won the first and i got the "drama king " prize weeeeee XD and also the nickname of "GAn Yan Kin/Xin (cantonese)" my best buddy bro.Timothy took the video... he will transfer for me next week then i'll try to post it up here ;)

next is Game Time! i'm in charged of it so i let them play a combination of Big 4 + Monopoly + my own idea "self created" board game... Funny forfeit and we had lots of fun...

Game mana boleh tak main water mia?
so last game we play water bomb outside the compound lo!! :P they were divided into two side and bomb here and there lo! What the hack... they say game master cannot excuse himself so they drag me out from the room to the outside compound and push me on the floor and make me a wet chicken :P we had lots of fun

at night we had our last camp service... good P & W like the previous night. The pastor is also very creative! taught us lots of things!

Supposely we should have our talent time where we will act and use our creativity but we choose to share our hearts and we really enjoy talking and listening to the words from everyone's heart... some cry and its really a touching moments and a precious time of sharing!

Last Night of the camp we don't ussually sleep early! so we had our feast! Mr Joel Saw The COOK who graduated from PSDC make supper for us !

Its a wonderful camp to enjoy! Looking forward to have another camp yeah!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Meeting the shouters!! Gurney 8-3-2008

what a day with so many things happening.... today is a Penang Shouters meeting day in Gurney at 4pm. i ran out the church camp after playing piano for Timmy's P&W to meet Mr HH who came back from Japan! (of course i asked permission from "si mou" pastor's wife)

When i reached they seperated into two groups 1 group went Secret Reciepe and another group to Sushi King.... they quarrel? nolah they just have different appetite :P

i went Secret Reciepe first to meet HH the watak utama that day! Recognised him on my first sight! His such a friendly guy! then there are others shouters Tannie, Willazz, JJ, Leang, ensheng, and Minny and Wendy.

Then we decided to walk to Sushi King to meet the rest! on our way to sushi king we met another group of shouters shouting around gurney !!! XD lol hahaha no la they decided to go home earlier coz aL is not feeling well, and I manage to meet Pippo ( My mum's student but i forgot about her on that day XD paiseh), vingie who else? omg pelupa.... i keep forgetting names... duh... i'm lazy to blog that day... drag until today baru blog XD

then only i met with SW, Angeline, CharlesKey the cameraman!! The next thing we do is "STANDING IN FRONT OF THE CAR EXHIBITION" and chat!! yeah they are so warm and friendly! Of course we took some photos there! Angeline is not so angeline that day! Angeline is ain't so noisy that day... according to her later on she says she was worrying about the after-election-chaos. ok lo :P

Wendy geramnya.... i speak hokkien to her.... she's so "polite" until not to interupt me until i finish the whole sentence she baru say she dun really know hokkien when i speak too fast... alamak... Ipoh girl - Cantonese XD

Charles with his bagui bagui mia camera + his skills everyone turn pretty and handsome! Nice photo shooting and camera Mr Charles! ;) Then we had our group photos taken by the exhibition promoter.

Thats the first photo that i appeared in Shouters Family Photo. :heehee: HH belanja us Japanese Cookies (i forgot the name ) XD but its really delicious and special! :good: ;) o ya and thx HH for the cute voodoo doll souvenir :P From our conversation apa ni? they didn't went for the movie haha coz they lost the appetite of watching movies when they reallised i can't make it XD perasan liao :P joking la After this i'm not sure they went to clubbing bo but i decided to rush back to Church Camp... I really enjoy the short warm meeting with u guys shouters!! It makes my day even more interesting! till we meet again! ;)

HH the Japanese Biscuit Promoter XD kidding :P this is the biscuit from Japan!! Yum Yum!


Snatch Thieves on 8 MARCH 2008

On my way from camp site (Bayan Baru) to my voting station (Tanjung Bungah) i saw something...

A snatch thief! He slowly walk pass the granny who is sitting and waiting for the bus with another lady... suddenly he hulur tangan towards the old lady... at my first thought i thought he was trying to molest the old lady for fun? what the hack... then i realised o he was trying to grab her necklace then he ran towards a motorbike (his friend is waiting behind the bus stop) then off they went... too bad i was on the main road and nothing can be done... can't even see the plat number! aw what a pathetic youngster who do this to an old lady =.=


This is a new special day for Penang! DAP takes over Penang from BARISAN!!!

I'm looking forward to this if they can really make a difference for our nations! Hope So! ;)

This is my first year voting.

My vote station = SJK (C) Hun Bin

i vote Cheah Kwan Chye for Parliment and DAP for Penang :P actually my dad his friend (candidate) in the barisan and my dad helps Cheah Kwan Chye before and his a nice friendly guy so i vote for him... but for state... i really wanna see Penang to change! A NEW PENANG! so i go for DAP

becoz this is my first time voting... before i enter the classroom to vote, i manage to persuade the police outside the classroom to snatch a photo for me while voting using my handphone :P

He manage to snatch one when i were taking my voting ticket... then after i make my selection and prepare to drop into the box i post!! XD shouldn't have do that haha then the vote assistant saw that and saw the police trying to snatch of photo of me and stop us from doing that... then the police baru remembered voting cannot take photo hahaha but i already got 1 of the photo XD

thx and very paiseh to the police! hope he won't get scolded! i will try post the photo up later ;)

The results of the election really amazed me and i were totally shocked... don't really aspect that... i thought it will be a 50 50 authority distribution but guess what!! DAP wins the 2/3 majority lol!!!! our Chief Minister also kalah! Obviously its not his fault nor his competency... but its the BARISAN.... lots of voter only see logo no longer see whos the election candidate! what does phenomena symbolise? dissapointement towards XXX party? or what? U judge ur self! :P

Lastly Gratz to the DAP! hope u guys will do your job! and keep the promises made!!! in chinese the water can fetch the raft which can also make the raft sink!!! so the Penangite have spoken! We made our choice! So hope it will not disspoint us again! ;)

Church Camp - part 2

Saturday~ 8-3-2008

630am <---- o.0 sweat as mentioned on last blog i slept at 4am lucky i manage to wake up

630am --- lights on! Justin our discipline master on the light blow the whistle... guess whos the second to wake up? ME~~~ ^.^ altho sleepy but in camp i often wake up as soon as alarm clock ring...

7am ---- i'm leading whats that? its the morning exercise... by the way i am the game master who lead those activities la... i make them run 1 round nyek nyek XD then timmy teach them a song and make them dance with it!

we have our breakfast then our first section! o ya!! our camp topic is "GROWTH"

then hor after lunch what happen? i dunno ler..... coz i went VOTING!!!! hahahah


Next Nicole who is another game master in charge of the games... we have lots of great time laughing and enjoying all the fun...

Our "si mou" pastor's wife Tiffany give me some money to buy ice cream won my way back from voting to belanja all the campers makan... thx thx Si Mou ^^

we had our dinner then our another section....

SO suppose to have an outing on guyney.... they met at 4pm but i am supose to play piano for the nights praise and worship... so i only went gurney at 8pm after my P&W...


then after gurney meeting HH they all i rush back to church around 10pm coz there's a bit chaos riot out there as DAP wins Penang!!

Church Camp - part 1

Ahaha XD i'm so lazy to blog :P thats why so long no update...

Friday~ 7-3-2008

Before going to Camp~

i'm a last minute guy... i packed my things around 500 then head to timmy's house. Lucky i went to his house. Last minute packing u noe la... always forget this and that... i forgot to bring my pillow case and bed sheet... alamak, thx to timmy pinjam me ^.^ or else i will be sleeping on a pillow without case and bed without sheet which were taken out from the storeroom :P

Guys are always forgetful~
Camp committees were suppose to reach at 8pm then prepare for campers registration and do some discussion... actually the camp activities starts at 7.00 the next day

Guess what.... alamak Mr Tan lupa bawa blanket XD so does Mr Timmy Lim lol....
worse... i sleep under the fan and air con the place i choose ( first come first serve) the best place i think it is b4 i realised about the blanket thingy.... end up? air con direct blow on me + fan on top of me... i freezing cold till cannot sleep la... mind oso cannot function properly... until 4am i baru realised ya hor i can switch the air con to blow away from me XD silly me!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Interesting WeekEnd~

What an interesting weekend i had this week.... first is the Church Camp i attend... next is the votings.... and snatch theif..... next is meeting SO friends in Gurney!!!

Think it is better to seperate them out in different post! So that no one will ever comment my blog is tooooooo long tooo chiong heiiii~ hahhahaha XD

Currently watching my movie... will blog later :P

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monitor Gone Case.....

Tough day in life..... arghhhhhhhhhhhhh why? coz my Monitor masuk hospital..... wrong wrong... should be masuk rubbish bin liao... Saturday night when i was using the com half way... smokes comes out followed by sparkles of fire... electric circuit got problems d -.- On friday dad already decided to send it to "hospital" when the smoke comes out... but since Saturday's inciedent... we decided to just throw it away... argh...... cannot online anymore T.T

But one thing good is that my college reopen! ;) at last my super long boring break ends and at least i got studies to catch up now ;) and also i can check my mails at least in the computer lab when i got free time!

Sorry Shouters i won't be able to shout so often this short period of time until i got my new monitor!