Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paint Ball or Pain Ball?

She wanna kill me coz of shooting her twice XD

Askar USA perang di hutan Vietnam.... mana tau seekor monkey lari keluar XD

I saw a king kong (pali) in the group photo (Pre-War)

14 March 2008 Friday

Ouchhhhhhhhhhh sakit nya!!! my leg kena shot once by Mr Ben Tan!!! :P Revenge huh? coz i shot his girl friend twice XD in two different rounds....

From the beginning...

GavC call me to join the paintball... of course i agree la coz this will be my second time! Seriously altho it cost me RM 30-40 but it was really fun!!!!!Last time my first time i went indoor PISA,this time they going to Bukit Gambir outdoor! so i join them!!! we reach Bukit Gambir around 215pm.. omg we are late! suppose to meet at 2pm but guess what! grrrr.... they reached at 245pm and another few person reached at 3pm some even FFK us o.0

but its their lost to miss the fun :P we started around 315pm after the briefing...

We divided into two teams... 2 girls also joined the game so they were seperated(JessT/BenjicaJess joined opponent and the birthday girl Rachel joined us). We got 6 person coz our team is inexperienced compare to theirs with 5 person.

We won 2-1 in 3 matches! ;)

o ya GavC same team with me! Ben and Pali Palam opponent us! two macho guy vs two strategic guy of course strategic guy win la XD perasan

Thx to my team mate who cover me! i manage to twice in two different match ran into their based and set up the BOMB!! <---- haha being more metaphore.... actually its pressing the bell which located on their base pondak la XD slopy defence pays the price! nyek nyek! We really had great time!! some were "HEAD SHOT"... stupiak Jess blaming me for her blue black XD gavC with his new green hair hightlight Jess bro enjoying the taste of the paint! The Paint brings the PAiN The PaInt brings the FuN too!! actually the win or lose means nothing to us... its the moment we shared which colours our days! ;) Yea i made a few new friends today! Nice Meeting You Guys! Lets play again and have fun some other time! ;)


jėss.T said...

its great how we made friends so quickly =)

note that i mentioned HOW me made frens. thanks to u attacker. oh yes, stupiak jess huh??

we'll see.. -_-"

I know how the pain is like now, but hey, it was still good slimy green fun!

hahaa... more to come kx!

god bless

kxin said...

jess: haha sure... looking forward for another paint ball session =)

i'll make u highlight ur hair in green :P lolzzzzzz

jėss.T said...


kxin said...

haha just curi all the photos to post on my blog nyek nyek! :P

rachelK said...

let's paintball again ..
n stay the same team . we attack ben n jess =p

rachelK said...

hey, hello .. i dun1 wish to late eh kay ... is tatz sim said we start at 3pm . that y im late !!!!
n tatz day i hav to visit my newborn coursin . so tatz quite important to me. tatz y im late ..


kxin said...

ya i know communication error... its ok i dun really mind ;)

kxin said...

lets play again before i go Hong Kong or after i come back from hong kong k ? i'll bring along one friend who is going to scotland soon =D

Vincent Tan said...


rachelK said...

u go hk ?? for ???
clubbing ??? lol

kxin said...

vincent: bcoz of good team mates ^^

rachel: no la... go kai kai shopping makan.... so take this opportunity go see see hk clubbing same as penang bo.. lol... :P