Friday, March 14, 2008

Church Camp - part 1

Ahaha XD i'm so lazy to blog :P thats why so long no update...

Friday~ 7-3-2008

Before going to Camp~

i'm a last minute guy... i packed my things around 500 then head to timmy's house. Lucky i went to his house. Last minute packing u noe la... always forget this and that... i forgot to bring my pillow case and bed sheet... alamak, thx to timmy pinjam me ^.^ or else i will be sleeping on a pillow without case and bed without sheet which were taken out from the storeroom :P

Guys are always forgetful~
Camp committees were suppose to reach at 8pm then prepare for campers registration and do some discussion... actually the camp activities starts at 7.00 the next day

Guess what.... alamak Mr Tan lupa bawa blanket XD so does Mr Timmy Lim lol....
worse... i sleep under the fan and air con the place i choose ( first come first serve) the best place i think it is b4 i realised about the blanket thingy.... end up? air con direct blow on me + fan on top of me... i freezing cold till cannot sleep la... mind oso cannot function properly... until 4am i baru realised ya hor i can switch the air con to blow away from me XD silly me!

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timothy said...

dunnit to post all my secret here one.
i tot u take for me??!!~~