Friday, March 14, 2008

Meeting the shouters!! Gurney 8-3-2008

what a day with so many things happening.... today is a Penang Shouters meeting day in Gurney at 4pm. i ran out the church camp after playing piano for Timmy's P&W to meet Mr HH who came back from Japan! (of course i asked permission from "si mou" pastor's wife)

When i reached they seperated into two groups 1 group went Secret Reciepe and another group to Sushi King.... they quarrel? nolah they just have different appetite :P

i went Secret Reciepe first to meet HH the watak utama that day! Recognised him on my first sight! His such a friendly guy! then there are others shouters Tannie, Willazz, JJ, Leang, ensheng, and Minny and Wendy.

Then we decided to walk to Sushi King to meet the rest! on our way to sushi king we met another group of shouters shouting around gurney !!! XD lol hahaha no la they decided to go home earlier coz aL is not feeling well, and I manage to meet Pippo ( My mum's student but i forgot about her on that day XD paiseh), vingie who else? omg pelupa.... i keep forgetting names... duh... i'm lazy to blog that day... drag until today baru blog XD

then only i met with SW, Angeline, CharlesKey the cameraman!! The next thing we do is "STANDING IN FRONT OF THE CAR EXHIBITION" and chat!! yeah they are so warm and friendly! Of course we took some photos there! Angeline is not so angeline that day! Angeline is ain't so noisy that day... according to her later on she says she was worrying about the after-election-chaos. ok lo :P

Wendy geramnya.... i speak hokkien to her.... she's so "polite" until not to interupt me until i finish the whole sentence she baru say she dun really know hokkien when i speak too fast... alamak... Ipoh girl - Cantonese XD

Charles with his bagui bagui mia camera + his skills everyone turn pretty and handsome! Nice photo shooting and camera Mr Charles! ;) Then we had our group photos taken by the exhibition promoter.

Thats the first photo that i appeared in Shouters Family Photo. :heehee: HH belanja us Japanese Cookies (i forgot the name ) XD but its really delicious and special! :good: ;) o ya and thx HH for the cute voodoo doll souvenir :P From our conversation apa ni? they didn't went for the movie haha coz they lost the appetite of watching movies when they reallised i can't make it XD perasan liao :P joking la After this i'm not sure they went to clubbing bo but i decided to rush back to Church Camp... I really enjoy the short warm meeting with u guys shouters!! It makes my day even more interesting! till we meet again! ;)

HH the Japanese Biscuit Promoter XD kidding :P this is the biscuit from Japan!! Yum Yum!



curiositykills said...

wahlaueh!! i want!!! who is he btw?

kxin said...

horrrr.... i dun wanna tell u, i go tell FH nyek nyek!!! :P