Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miss Charis Birthday Celebration (22 March 2008)

Happy Birthday to Miss Charis (Mr Johnny's another half)! hahaha

Her actual birthdate is on 28th March but its on Friday and since one of her best friend Ms Venice purposely come over from Butterworth to Penang Island... so Charis decided to belanja us (all the Ji Mui ssss and brotherhood) to makan sambil celebrate her birthday!

Destination : Bukit Genting (Teluk Kumbar)

This is my first time there... and the restaurant serves Thai Food!

The road is seriously sloppy, narrow and dangereous... but when reaching the peek of the mountain, it worth everything.... what a beautiful and amazing scenary... its really relaxing and a new world to enjoy!

On top of the mountain theres a few "pondok" with a table and thats the place we dine!

The atmosphere there is really romantic at night with beautiful night sceneries and lightings XD

there is also a small garden for you to walk around and enjoy the mountain top fresh air!

We manage to took a few photos of the sunset... and all the bros and sis take turn to camwhoring :P lol leng zai + leng lui with a sunset background really makes the photos looks like a postcard!

After a moment, the dishes are ready... I would rate it as "thumbs up"
the food are really delicious and special... not those kind of thai food we ussually get to taste! Its really yummy!!! Definitely the taste makes me wanna come back again one day!

after our food, we move on to the cake cutting and caddle blowing session...

Hmmm what wish did she made? "Get marry soon with Johnny"? muahahaha

i rarely eat birthday cakes... but the cake Victor and others bought for Charis really delicious.. its a Cheese cake (with some blueberries beside and choclate pieces above the cakes) from Witz? i not sure the shop's name but its at Prima Tanjung (Near 7-11 there)

After that we decided to walk around and enjoy the beautiful peek of the mountain... we took some photos with some creations and designs there.

After taking some photos... here we go again through the narrow slope.....

Happy Birthday Charis! ;)
More photos of leng lui and leng zai and the birthday girl will be post when i get them from my friends camera...


Vincent Tan said...

nice place. never been there before. hmm.. thai food.. makes me hesitate.. but i love the view. pls upload more photos. thanx.

kxin said...

i'm waiting for my frnds to send me the photos i took using her camera... i took all the food's photos XD