Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Up and down? its a DOWN DOWN DAY today~~~~

NOTE: below blog is only meant for bloggers WITH BLOGS to view! others without BLOG pls dun read! Or else ter-hurt u i dunno!! i'm just expressing my feeling!!!!Feel Free to comment too!!! Hope this won't affect our friendship if u ter-read this! Serious,u should stand on my side and feel my pain!!!!! grrrrrr....

The feeling of looking forward in the beginning... and suppose to be enjoying HK in 3 more weeks who knows end up sitting at home doing nothing... uhhhhh! FUK THAT!!!! shouldn't have being so tolerate towards her and spoil my own trip! should have ignore and book the ticket in the first place!!! arghhhhh!!!

uh...i'm really speechless... ccan hardly express my feelings now... mixture of discourage, disspointment, pissed off, angry, lost, upset, regret,down.... my blood is boiling..... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ wtf...... i'm gong to burst if i don't blog about this and express and release my self!!!!

I've quit my vulgar words years ago... tho sometimes still unconsciously pop out the "F" word from my mouth sometimes when i'm driving, but today my whole day i keep scolding all those bad words myself. damn... mcb, fk, lc everything just can't stop coming out from my mouth! Imagine how pissed i am!

back to the story from the beginning...

Timmy (my best friend) last year suggest we (the best buddies from CCOP) could have a trip to Hong Kong after he finish his study this April... we are very excited with it!

WHOS GOING--- Me,Timmy and Johnny

Add-on---- Charis(Johnny's GF) and Million (CuriosityKills)
why not? more people more merrier!!! ^.^

Me: anytime before May(assignment) and after June( after my finals)

Timmy: anytime as long as after 15 April his final paper and before July before he starts to work.

Johnny: Anytime, the best is when he gets his pay end of April

Charis: Anytime as long as boss consent to release her from work.

Million: Before MAy 12 (Going to scotland on June for further study)

Date of departure we decided: somewhere around April 18th or 25th either week!
Reason: 5 of us can make it!

Promo air asia: RM325
(booking period: end of February)
too bad when we wanna book Charis can't confirm her application for leave yet! so we decided to wait for her...

Consequences: everyone need to pay extra RM160 for non promo ticket.

well, we dun mind coz 5 of us are friends!

last sunday (15th April) decided to book but Charis can't confirm yet... so we decided to wait again.

at last Charis boss reply on this Tuesday (Yesterday) but Boss suggess that she take leave on 18th April's week... Sumhow her boy frnd Johnny disagree 3rd week bcoz pay haven't come out...

2 solution: Johnny pinjam money from us and his 2 elder Sister first (I agree, i'm sure Timmy will agree too or Charis ask her boss for last week leave)

This morning my phone ring.... Johnny told me :" you all go la, me an Charis go on July, July got sales... and we can find a tourist guide to guide us so won't lost in HK save more time...

I reply:" what about timmy they all? "

Johnny:" i already told timmy the plan."

SPEECHLESS!!!! SWEAT!!!!!! my mood just down turn!! DOWWWWWWWWNNNN LAAAAAAA!!! MUNTAH DARAH!!!! the reason we choose April is becoz 5 of us can make it...and this is a group tour of course must consider more than shoppings and sales ma!!!

of course i also know the best time to go HK according to Dad is SEPTEMBER!!!! (Nice weather cahnging season of course summer clothes will have SUPER BIG OFFER) but timmy million can't make it! so whats the point?

Million's reply after knowing this: kx u see how la,see what tim says la, if susah i no nid go nvm lo , if u all decide to continue i'll follow"

with a very down down mood i ask Timmy's decision, no choice but to follow lo, tak kan i go with million 2 person meh? tak kan i got with the couple be light bulb meh?

but timmy seems disappointed too, he tell me :our HONG KONG trip timeless POSPONED!!!!!

Haiz...... i'm feeling like killing ppl .... my feeling just beyond description!!! Really BIG BIG SWT!!! NOW u guys know why i say if i dun blog bout this i will burst!!

I'm so LOOKING FORWARD HONG KONG trip which will depart in another 3 weeks just CRASHED AND FAILED like this! WTF!!!!!!! I've learnt my lesson!!! I SWEAR!!! There's NO NEXT TIME on something something!!!!!! CHOOSING UR TOUR PARTNERS DO MATTERS A LOT!!!

Timmy if u read this... if u anytime change ur mind wanna go on April... even its last minute i will pack and go with u!! Even if its only two of us! or three of us if million wanna join...


timothy said...

it has been dragging too long. mentally and physically tired. i have a lot of decisions to make now. seemed that HK trip is very far from now on. although i dont want let J****n prediction that we cant make it true. yet every condition now suggests that we are going to fail.

sorry pal. maybe wat we can do now is saving money and Shanghai we go on november.

p/s: I just told HK fren we are coming on end of april. He told me he will tell his church member too. I'm a liar now. -_-"

God is good, all the time.

kxin said...

July we still got our JF anni!

haiz... let them go honeymoon ba


Shanghai it won't be as fun as going to HK... =(

Japan HK Africa Paris are few dream destination of mine -.-

I just learnt a very important lesson... but its too late haiz!!!

by the way i called li jie if he wanna join us, he is excited too... li hwan also but dun have holiday... and they can hardly ponteng.

Million is trying to ask her frnd to join us... she also hope this trip will work!

ps: my dad also tell his frnd who willing to pinjam his house in shenzhen for us swt... and might treat us an expansive meal there.

tho we haven't book the rooms... i got all the info... just 1 call and 1 click away only... its online booking or phone reservation!

SIEN-nya when everything is one "click" away!!!!!

i still do hope and pray theres a turning point! ;)

Faith comes from God!

GavC said...

ohh looks like kx has a bad day.. No Problem dude.. you still got me on ur back.. come, lets go---> DOTA!!

jėss.T said...

lol! all gav can thnk abt is dota.

wakakakakkaka... hey kx. I knw uv been pretty pissed since a few days ago. lol. u told me thru sms n msn like so many times, and now i finally get the whole picture.

hmm.. oh well. Rmember, our Father has everyth planned for us. Who knows? It might be a blessing in disguise, God forbid that anyth would happen to the flight (if u know what i mean)

God bless!
look forward to other plans. thrs always a next time =)

GavC said...

jess: i dont get what u mean at all.. all i know is zues, queen of pain and troll warlord is waiting for us at netcity..

dota bless!!

look forward to dota plans. it is almost everyday =)

rachelK said...

lol .. saddist ..
u planned the trip . but finally u r not goin ..
i knoe is very bad ..
cheer .. let's go gua tempurung ...
forget bout HK trip ..
n clubbing tomolo .. -p

kxin said...

Jess: MOnday its still ok... she can't confirm its not her fault... but Tuesday everything goes wrong... When she withdraw herself with Johnny( her bf and My best frnd) haiz... mayb u r right! God has his plan! It reminds me of my past! last time when we got outing (Pg Hill, camp...etc) when i was still young... parents sumtimes restrict me fro going coz i'm naughty... but i pray and sing "God will make a way" and things turn out to be right in His way... sometimes i get to go at last but sometimes don't but everything seems so right!

Guess its time for me to trust in HIm once again watever the outcome will be! ;) thx Jess! =)

GaVc: lol dota must cut down... easter holiday teman u ok :P next week college continues! Have to study hard! U too!!!

Rachel: Yup looking forward towards gua tempurung... =) clubbing guess not :P lol

thx guys i feel better d now :P

rachelK said...

lol . u r rite .choose dun1 clubbing .clubbing is terrible n potong stim ,coz yday got checking , but im lucky i can escape from tis,anyway im fever too ,n very unlucky is my toe , the extention nail, was breaking n bleeding . ish .. i guess i cant club for tis few week . coz i was like orang cacat , cant walk properly .. tsk tsk tsk .. hate clubbing

kxin said...

rachel: lol u serious kah? will hate clubbing/ i doubt that :P

my hong kong trip might be continue liao!! weeee~~

Hope really can go la... or else kind of kekurangan one piece in my life... the feeling that i can be whole until i step on the HK ground lol now u see my "looking forawrd-ness" keazaman ke HONG KONG!!!! lol

just let it be la ! ;) Praise God for every outcome on April!!

ballerina said...

if li hwan is going,let me noe k??
mayb i wanna follow...pls!!!!

kxin said...

dun want tell u hahahahhaa

ballerina said...

yerrrr...bad koko....hmmmph!!!

curiositykills said...

whoa! sch a long post! im in a hurry to go out. no time to read! i'l read tonight.


im having doutbs

jz got an email today and she my fren said made sense. if i dont go, 2 of my loved ones will be happy. shit ler. and i jz called u dis morning asking u to book! sobs!!!
howww howww?!?!?/

ur sis wanna go?
eh den let her go lah!!
3 of us better ma atleast!!

curiositykills said...

wow, now that ive REALLY read the entire story, i was like "oimeh? need to reveal my message meh?"

it is like that one lah when u travel in groups. learn from mistake lo :)
and i felt bad now that i kept grumble about our expensive flights. :(
cause money is really tight on my side.

it was a blow to me when i got ur message in redang as well.

as for the light bulb? lols!
in the end, memang left the 2 of us.

i cant excactly say that he is HAPPY, so ...urmm...i guess it'll just have to be it!

kxin said...

aiya that day i just get really pissed!! now ok d la.. let the past be the past.... i only angry 1-2 days nia the most no hatred! :P