Sunday, March 16, 2008

Church Camp - part 3 9-3-2008


All the campers woke up early for exercise today... o ya i had a very good night sleep :P with my BLANKET!!! yea! i got it yesterday from my house while i go voting :P

We had our Sunday service and i play the piano... i love playing the Grand Piano in the church... it sounds good.

After the sunday service we had our lunch and we were asked if we want fish & chips or chicken chop for our dinner! Chun!!!! this camp gets the "best meal" rewards..... serious!! thx to the church comittee who sponsor us and Bro. Chee CHiang and his wife Huey Ping who manage the FOod and Beverage.

Afternoon ---workshop -->"si mou" teach us about our charisma, character and personality how to be a better person. Then we divided into three groups and were asked to act on the "correct behaviour" and the "incorrect behaviour" our group won the first and i got the "drama king " prize weeeeee XD and also the nickname of "GAn Yan Kin/Xin (cantonese)" my best buddy bro.Timothy took the video... he will transfer for me next week then i'll try to post it up here ;)

next is Game Time! i'm in charged of it so i let them play a combination of Big 4 + Monopoly + my own idea "self created" board game... Funny forfeit and we had lots of fun...

Game mana boleh tak main water mia?
so last game we play water bomb outside the compound lo!! :P they were divided into two side and bomb here and there lo! What the hack... they say game master cannot excuse himself so they drag me out from the room to the outside compound and push me on the floor and make me a wet chicken :P we had lots of fun

at night we had our last camp service... good P & W like the previous night. The pastor is also very creative! taught us lots of things!

Supposely we should have our talent time where we will act and use our creativity but we choose to share our hearts and we really enjoy talking and listening to the words from everyone's heart... some cry and its really a touching moments and a precious time of sharing!

Last Night of the camp we don't ussually sleep early! so we had our feast! Mr Joel Saw The COOK who graduated from PSDC make supper for us !

Its a wonderful camp to enjoy! Looking forward to have another camp yeah!!!!


timothy said...

oh yeah. kan yan xin, u rockz

kxin said...

timmy zai? u got read blog one meh? i really TERKEJUT u read my blog XD so free kah? is that u?