Friday, March 14, 2008


This is a new special day for Penang! DAP takes over Penang from BARISAN!!!

I'm looking forward to this if they can really make a difference for our nations! Hope So! ;)

This is my first year voting.

My vote station = SJK (C) Hun Bin

i vote Cheah Kwan Chye for Parliment and DAP for Penang :P actually my dad his friend (candidate) in the barisan and my dad helps Cheah Kwan Chye before and his a nice friendly guy so i vote for him... but for state... i really wanna see Penang to change! A NEW PENANG! so i go for DAP

becoz this is my first time voting... before i enter the classroom to vote, i manage to persuade the police outside the classroom to snatch a photo for me while voting using my handphone :P

He manage to snatch one when i were taking my voting ticket... then after i make my selection and prepare to drop into the box i post!! XD shouldn't have do that haha then the vote assistant saw that and saw the police trying to snatch of photo of me and stop us from doing that... then the police baru remembered voting cannot take photo hahaha but i already got 1 of the photo XD

thx and very paiseh to the police! hope he won't get scolded! i will try post the photo up later ;)

The results of the election really amazed me and i were totally shocked... don't really aspect that... i thought it will be a 50 50 authority distribution but guess what!! DAP wins the 2/3 majority lol!!!! our Chief Minister also kalah! Obviously its not his fault nor his competency... but its the BARISAN.... lots of voter only see logo no longer see whos the election candidate! what does phenomena symbolise? dissapointement towards XXX party? or what? U judge ur self! :P

Lastly Gratz to the DAP! hope u guys will do your job! and keep the promises made!!! in chinese the water can fetch the raft which can also make the raft sink!!! so the Penangite have spoken! We made our choice! So hope it will not disspoint us again! ;)

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