Monday, April 30, 2012

Bersih 3.0

Compilation of my photos and video clips recorded in Bersih 3.0   28-4-2012

Everyone who attend Bersih 3.0 actually knows The Star is a "puppet" of the "barbarians" hiding the truth and making up stories to defame Bersih...

Great experience!  

Bersih 3.0 is a peaceful gathering and rally at first... who's the one causing it to be in chaos?

If the police would just stop acting c2pid and open the gate for the participants of bersih to enter the field and sit there quitely... there wont be any chaos...

If the XXX party dont send some SPIES to act as bersih participant and hit the police and let the KRUs have excuses to fire tear bombs to us... there wont be any chaos...

And the Tear Bomb is not to dismiss us... its to hurt us! They shoot far and top to the middle of the crowd not at the front line aiming the floor to prevent nor defend...

If their intention is to dismiss us... they wouldnt attack from front and back at the same time... How come their strategy looks like planning to trap us and hurt us before letting us leave?
Bad Strategy/Tactic planner? or Purposely?  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Experience of Chased by a TAXI driver

Wahahhahaha something interesting happened today! A taxi driver chase me in public and i lari~~~~~~

Of course his stupid and shitty and of course im naughty and hot temper on this incident lolz

When i was walking pass Pavilion to Price Hotel to attend a seminar, i walk pass a street where all the cars are jammed and cannot move!

Again no traffic light there... so me and other passenger try to cross the very sempit street... but the taxi driver stupid! Honk us and somemore pecut the car... obviously he can't go anywhere coz in front of him is jammed! He honk and all other passenger were shocked and stopped there let him pass... but I didn't! I ran pass the taxi and before leaving i SUPER KICK his taxi! wakakakak

He stopped and came down from his taxi~
I realised that but i didnt run stood there for a moment! actually i was thinking should I fight with him since I never really fight before (no high school life...down!!! i wanna experience fighting too -.-) lol but after some thought i think i better not so i started to run before he really reaches me! really near. Just 2 metre away when he tries to stretch his arm to grab me! So he chase i run!

Hey altho im "fatter" than last time but i still can run! lolz He gave up xD cool experience! wakakakaka

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Day!

Everyday is beautiful when u are in a good mood! The new day we are expecting all the time got to do with our mood and expectation. With positive mind, we can have a real good day and its fun and exciting to expect something new something interesting to happen. We cannot for seen what will happen but at least with clear positive mind set... anything that comes our way we can be a conqueror and turn everything into good. Time passes by, never stop... whether u like it or not...good day or bad day still another day... so why not we choose to live this another new day a good day? =)
Today is a beautiful Sunday! May you feel the same today! Good Morning everyone! God Bless! =)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Element xD Interesting!

A New Element added to the Periodic Table
Name: Girl
Symbol: Gl
Atomic Weight: Don't even dare 2 ask!

Physical Properties:
Boils at anytime, can freeze at anytime,
melts if handled with love & care,
very bitter if Mishandled

Chemical Properties:
Very Reactive, Highly Unstable,
Possess strong affinity 4 Gold,Platinum,Diamond & Other precious Metals

Money reducing agent,
Volatile when left alone.

Mostly found in front of mirror.

My First Court Experience

As i enter the court for the first feeling i was excited... After the judge came in the situation become tense and i started to feel nervous coz the first judgement kena RM6000 fine for drink and drive... i wonder will my saman from 300 turned into 1000 if i lose the case? really gatal go cari pasal go court >.<

then after that i realise they place those drink and drive ( heavy offence ) in front... im kind of behind becoz mine consider case yang remeh xD

however in that court around 40 judgement... in the majistret court that day the only procedure is they read ur offence then ask u "mengaku atau tidak" if mengaku then u get to speak out ur "rayuan". If tak mengaku then u go back to ur seat and wait....

almost everyone mengaku besides me and a few... and the " a few" who tak mengaku is actually their car already sold with those documents and the police misplace the offense to the previous owner... they got those document proof... another guy is becoz someone used their IC ( Lost IC) means only me with small matter who "tak mengaku"

all those same rank of offense everyone already mengaku zzzz except me zzzz
the offense reader was shocked when i first say out "tak mengaku" She somemore ask me in english if i understand malay... i replied Yes, I Tak Mengaku

then i didn't get to explain further but being ordered to sit back to my seat and wait zzzzzz

after sometime a police came to me bring me outside the room and ask me is it ok if i settle it with "mengaku"? no need so much trouble he can ask the judge discount for me... RM150

then i insist not to... ask him if i continue tak mengaku whats the procedure? he say u have to come to next month hearing... today cannot settle directly? nope...

then after i go in... the police talk to me again persuade me to mengaku politely so no need to keep coming to the court so troublesome.. he also hint that my punishment already discusss with the judge for RM150 settlement...

my turn again... they ask 2nd time if i mengaku or not again... if not they will arrange for the next trials..

I go forth... they ask me mengaku or not... then i was thinking Im bringing trouble to my self travel here and there only... i just wanna debate just wanna talk my point out...

so i say: "OKlo i mengaku lo" then they say "Rayuan?"

Then i say" My rayuan is to judge me as im not guilty" the judge was shocked then started to look at me... (all the time shes filling on papers and writting i dunno what... now she starts to listen"

I say my rayuan is to judge me as im not guilty without punishment and fines becoz i mengaku not becoz i salah is becoz i lose to the system and procedure u all set... im not a rich guy and i dun have time... i cant afford traveling from Penang to KL so many times dragging the case... i got so many things to do ( Ya i know>.< i working in KL but good thing is my IC is Penang address haha ) i told the judge i studied accounting... very pandai kira... pay the saman with discount RM150 in police station why not? why i insist not paying but choose to travel from Pg to KL thru and flo for Mileage at least RM200? im bodoh? coz i want justice...

Further i say: I didn't study law... but what i know about Malaysia law is im not guilty until it is proven... and its the enforcement job to prove that im guilty!!! not my job to prove that im innocent!!! thats the constitution of Malaysia law... So that day only me and the traffic police... so i guess no witness for that case... now whats the proof left? The Saman? then i can say the saman is an invalid prove... coz nama salah, address salah just IC correct... ( actually its only one letter spelling mistake >.<

So i rayu for not guilty since u all cant prove that im guilty

Then the judge say ok the judgement : Kerana sudah mengaku Amaran saja...

then they give me a letter close the case without any fines and punishment.. :P

then the police who earlier ask me to pay RM150 tease me wah u dari Penang u macam Lim Guan Eng lor lolz

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Out of My Hands- Nice soothing meaningful song~ Enjoy!

Out Of My Hands - CHC

City Harvest Church
Key: C

(Verse 1)
Out of Your hands
Into my heart
Dm C
You give it all for me

Love that is real
My emptiness filled
Dm C
That's when I first believe

(Verse 2)
Out of Your hands
Into my heart
Dm C
You put Your songs in me

Rivers will flow
Healing me whole
G7 C
That's when my song will sing

My heart can never comprehend
Love crucified the Man
Was open hands were nailed for me
F C F Dm
And now I live each moment serving only You
G7 C
Jesus my Lord

(Verse 3)
Out of my hand
Back to your heart
Dm C
I give my all to Thee

Words aren't enough
For me to start
G7 C
To say what You meant to me

I surrender to your love
I surrender to your love
I surrender to your love
I surrender to your love

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The true one Malaysia

An Article I read from facebook... Touched!

One Malaysia is not about shouting out slogan, singing one malaysia song, organising one malaysia karangan competition, hanging one malaysia banners... its about a true action from heart and the attitude! Just like what happen in 709 from this articles...

2011年7月9日,我参加了大马Bersih 2.0 净选联盟所召集的和平游行运动,淋了雨,累了两天,也休息了两天,才有心情写东西,网上很多人都写了709 的故事,我只想写一点使我感受比较深刻的花絮。


(二)一个华人uncle 带着他的妻子和两个大约二十岁的-廋廋高高弱不禁风的儿子,他说:“快点快点跟上(人群)去,,又不是叫我们去死,怕什么?不用怕,我们又不是重要人物,现在需要人数,我们一定要去支持。。”(多数都是父母骂孩子不要去,儿子鼓励父母去,怎么这家人相反的?)

(三)一个年纪大的马来人跟另几个华人青年讲:“kita mahu tunjuk perasaan ,bukan kemarahan ./ 表达感受,不是发泄怒火,不要搞破坏。(示威游行的EQ比华人成熟,有资格“教路”)

(四)一对马来夫妇带着两个大约8–10 岁的孩子,坐在石阶吃零食,我想:野餐咩?,那妻子看看我,好像明白我想什么,她笑笑说:我们想他们从小就知道和学会怎样去争取民主。(我赶紧表示支持,心里为小看别人而惭愧)



晚上吃饭时讲起这个故事,隔壁的三姑六婆加把口说:哎呀!示什么威?关我们什么事?真是没有脑的,连BB也带去,你做什么不骂他们?(Auntie, 我想骂你。。。。。)

(七)一个中年的洋人,看到我追去拍镇暴队驱逐人群,他不断的跟着我跑,还不断对我说:you must put it in the media /你要把它放上媒体。。(老外大哥,你太看得起我了,我拍的东西很“渣”而已)

(八) 我的马来朋友告诉我,他有多次示威的经验,他如何不惧强权,他会照顾我。刚发射第一轮催泪弹,他拉了我狂奔,我心想:又说坚持到底?他把我带离人群,然后指着一个方向,他说:“你由这里走,去默迪卡体育馆等我们,我们会到那里去,负责联络其他的朋友。这里需要很多人数的目的已经达到,警方会有更多的攻击,你不可留在这。”我说:“你呢?”他说:“我要走在最前面,和我的朋友在一起”他转身走向烟雾去。。。



“在整个集会当中让我印象最深刻的一幕,当天我们一群人从同善医院后面的篱笆逃离警察的追捕时,马来人用脚踢开了那个篱笆然后说:bagi cina semua keluar dulu.......(给这里的华人离开先,然后我们才走。)这句话一下就进入我的心中了,其实在这里我才能真真的体验一个马来西亚的文化种族之间无分彼此互相照顾.而不是国阵所提倡的一个土族;一个马来西亚.”




9th July 2011, I took part in the BERSIH 2.0 Rally. I was wet due to the rain. So tired for this 2 days, only until now I'm able to write something about my 709. A lot of people has already written their stories, therefore I will only mention some tiny things that really engraved my memory.

1. A Malay friend, who I just get to know during the rally, a PAS member who is experienced in participating rallies and demonstrations, shaked my hand and says: "Thanks for your (we Chinese's) support." I replied: "No problem. That's what I should do. This is my country too." (Now only I realized that, in their eye, we Chinese only cares about money-making and all sorts of benefits. They are already very happy even though there're only a few Chinese came to support the cause.)

2. A Chinese uncle, along with his wife, and his two around-twenty-years-old son, who are tall but look frail, came to the rally. The father said: "Come on, follow up the crowd! We're not going to seek death, so why feel afraid? We're not VIP as well. We need many people right now. We must go to support the rally now..." (Most parents scolded their children for attending the rally, and children encouraged their parents to attend the rally, but how come this family is totally the reverse?)

3. An old Malay man told a few Chinese youngsters: "kita mahu tunjuk perasaan ,bukan kemarahan". (Their EQ in rally is higher than Chinese, so they have the qualification to teach us what to do.)

4. A pair of Malay couples, along with their two childrens, looks like 8-10 years old, sat at the stairs and having their snacks. I thought: "Picnic?" The Malay wife caught my attention, and she smiled: "I want to teach them how to fight for democracy since small." (I quickly showed my support to them. I feel ashamed to look down at them.)

5. A pair of old Malay couples, hands trembling, took out a mask from a plastic bag, asked me with confidence: "We have got ourselves ready. How about you?" (You two need it, I thought, because you two can't run fast.)

6. A pair of young Chinese couples, along with their baby, attended the rally. Soon it began to rain. They quickly wore raincoats, and even got their baby ready with a raincoat. I quickly helped them to cover up their baby trolley. (Even a baby was there. Oh my, the baby is so cute.) Talked about this scene after I went back home and having my dinner. Those auntie neighbours said: "Aiyah, rally for what? Nothing to do with us ma.. Brainless ah? Bring baby go? Why you don't scold them?" (Aunties, I want to scold you, not them..)

7. A middle-aged foreigner, seeing me running towards FRU and trying to capture how FRU dispersed the crowd, follows me all the way, and told me: "you must put it in the media" (Mister, my photo capturing skills sucks..)

8. One of my Malay friend told me, he has been to rallies before, and he's not afraid of tyrant government. He said he's going to take care of me. During the first round of tear gas, he dragged me and run away. I thought: "You told me you're not afraid?" He brought me away from the crowd, pointed to a direction, and told me: "Walk through here. Wait for us at Merdeka Stadium. We will be there. Do contact your friends. Our objective today has been achieved, because we have so many people here. The police will launch more attacks. You cannot stay at here." "What about you?" I asked. "I'm going back to the frontline, and fight along with my friends", he replied, and turned back to the smokes..
I met with my friends nearby Merdeka Stadium later on, participated the last rally to Merdeka Stadium, until the police dispersed us again. And I never see my Malay friend again. I only got to know that he was arrested later on, and has been released.

I saw a lot of stories, including that Amah's one. I didn't cry when I read this stories, until I saw this one on the Internet:

"The most unforgettable moment during the rally happened when we are trying to escape from the police in the Tong Shin Hospital. We were at the fence at the back of the hospital. The Malays kicked the fence door down, and said: "bagi cina semua keluar dulu......." It really went into my heart. Here, I experienced the true 1Malaysia spirit, that we are no longer differentiated by race and culture, that all races take care of each other, instead of "1 Bumiputera, 1 Malaysia", the propaganda of BN.

I nearly cried. I knew that they're speaking the truth. My Malay friends always take good care of me. And a lot of Chinese who participated in the rally said that, they are being taken care well by the Malays. Maybe they think that this is the first time we Chinese attended a rally, and so we're inexperienced.

Why I'm feeling so emotional over this? Because I understand that, Chinese is a race of minority in Malaysia. If we couldn't break the barrier of racism, we Chinese will be continued to be opressed, we will continued to be treated with unfairness. But the government always plays around with racism, plus that PERKASA who fully utilized such issue, and this makes racism even harder to solve. What I saw after this rally, is hope. I have completely changed my perception to Malays. I think that, even though our nation is ruined by Malay politicians, but our nation will be revived by Malays. I still feel confident to Malaysia.

My dear Chinese friends, a peaceful rally is not scary, so please come to support next time!