Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Experience of Chased by a TAXI driver

Wahahhahaha something interesting happened today! A taxi driver chase me in public and i lari~~~~~~

Of course his stupid and shitty and of course im naughty and hot temper on this incident lolz

When i was walking pass Pavilion to Price Hotel to attend a seminar, i walk pass a street where all the cars are jammed and cannot move!

Again no traffic light there... so me and other passenger try to cross the very sempit street... but the taxi driver stupid! Honk us and somemore pecut the car... obviously he can't go anywhere coz in front of him is jammed! He honk and all other passenger were shocked and stopped there let him pass... but I didn't! I ran pass the taxi and before leaving i SUPER KICK his taxi! wakakakak

He stopped and came down from his taxi~
I realised that but i didnt run stood there for a moment! actually i was thinking should I fight with him since I never really fight before (no high school life...down!!! i wanna experience fighting too -.-) lol but after some thought i think i better not so i started to run before he really reaches me! really near. Just 2 metre away when he tries to stretch his arm to grab me! So he chase i run!

Hey altho im "fatter" than last time but i still can run! lolz He gave up xD cool experience! wakakakaka

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