Friday, March 14, 2008

Church Camp - part 2

Saturday~ 8-3-2008

630am <---- o.0 sweat as mentioned on last blog i slept at 4am lucky i manage to wake up

630am --- lights on! Justin our discipline master on the light blow the whistle... guess whos the second to wake up? ME~~~ ^.^ altho sleepy but in camp i often wake up as soon as alarm clock ring...

7am ---- i'm leading whats that? its the morning exercise... by the way i am the game master who lead those activities la... i make them run 1 round nyek nyek XD then timmy teach them a song and make them dance with it!

we have our breakfast then our first section! o ya!! our camp topic is "GROWTH"

then hor after lunch what happen? i dunno ler..... coz i went VOTING!!!! hahahah


Next Nicole who is another game master in charge of the games... we have lots of great time laughing and enjoying all the fun...

Our "si mou" pastor's wife Tiffany give me some money to buy ice cream won my way back from voting to belanja all the campers makan... thx thx Si Mou ^^

we had our dinner then our another section....

SO suppose to have an outing on guyney.... they met at 4pm but i am supose to play piano for the nights praise and worship... so i only went gurney at 8pm after my P&W...


then after gurney meeting HH they all i rush back to church around 10pm coz there's a bit chaos riot out there as DAP wins Penang!!

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