Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Treasure what we have !

何为人生? 人生总是曲折。。。 他选择停止抱怨(失去双臂),而去珍惜现在所拥有的(生命),把生命活得更精彩~ 敬佩!

What is life? Life is full with unexpected ups and downs... he chose to stop murmuring about what he has lost (arms) and treasures what he still has and live his life to the fullness! Respect!

Our life is always full with obstacles... it depends on how we see things and how we treat our life~ Sometimes we are too concentrate on our lost until we neglected what is even more important that we still have...

We can make a different by changing our perspective and being positive!
Treasure what we have and live our life with no regrets! ;)

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