Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Naughty Witty Me Joke For A Laugh~ =D


This is a famous chinese word of wisdom since ages ago which means: Who in this world will not die? it is important for us to die with honour!!

I suddenly remembered something i did when i was in form 3 ,if i'm not mistaken yea i make the edit XD lol and even spread in the internet... haha

人生自古谁无屎 ren sheng zi gu shui wu shi
谁能大便不用纸 shui neng da bian bu yong zhi
若君不用厕所纸 ruo jun bu yong ce suo zhi
除非你是用手指 chu fei ni shi yong shou zhi

After edit and modify it became a funny poems that rhymes in chinese which means:

Who in this world never "shit"?
Who can shit wihout using toilet papers?
If you are not using the toilet papers
Unless you are using fingers.

Haha Enjoy! have a nice day! Be Happy always!


ballerina said...

yeah right!!!
i saw this in a textbook of urs u passed it to me...hmmmph, dirty the book nia... :P
actually very funny la...

JJzai said...

Why didnt send me text me this?
Funny what?

kxin said...

ballerina: not purposely one la XD who knows u will use that book? :P cikgu ajar saya bosan ma make this poem lo! hahaa

jj: how to send u XD here u ma reading from my blog d lo! ;)

GavC said...

wah, wats da textbook? u didnt lend to me..

kxin said...

GavC forgot lo... its a boring subject for sure... sejarah textbook i think :P

SaeWei said...


ballerina said...

kxin: it's not's sastera...haha!!ya, a good 'poem' to wake me up during that period!!!

kxin said...

SW: u tau Chinese meh ? :P tot u only know tuo diao tuo diao XD

Ballerina: haha