Monday, June 30, 2008

Lan Kwai Fong

Very happening place in HK especially WeekEnd, Public Holiday
(I went on Wednesday-Ladies Night and the next day is also public holiday)

So Full with People

Later on we only know there are sailors from Australia who sail to HK thats why that day so many "ang mor"... I paid RM300 bucks for entrance fee that day to the most happening club in HK ----- BeiJing Club more chinese went there! The dance floor? You can never dance even if you r a good dancer >.<>

however i dun really stay on that club! get to know a Hong Kong guy who work as a Marketing and Advertisement Manager! 25 yo. He's the regulars there he is able to bring us to many different clubs for free!Besides BeiJing we visits 3 different clubs that night!

Do you guys know why is that place call Lan Kwai Fong? according to my dad's best friend in HK, he told me that it is because this place last time got lots of "ang mor" sailor who gathered there... lan kwai =spoiled ghost = "ang mor" lol..... fong = place not racist just this is how the name was called!

We Party till around 4am before we take a taxi back to our Hostel! hey,midnight Taxi tak expansive at all not like here double charge! cheh! and their pub and clubs open till 6am not like ours 3am!

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