Thursday, July 7, 2011

日子再苦 我还是原来的我! =)

最近好忙 自从全职成为地产经纪后 终于明白赚钱的辛苦也看到成功光芒。 我不适合9-6 5days 坐在office 稳稳打工赚basic。 虽然我是accountant...我还是选择了外面跑,收commission。 To earn the money we have to put effort on it. If we are not working or slack we wont be successful. Not like a basic earner they can "snake" in the office wait for time to pass, get MC when doesn't feel like working, as an agent i have to work to survive.. how much we work will determine how much we earn. Now i learnt to treasure the time i have... few things good about my current job, its my interest about property and i can meantime equip my self with knowledge for future investment... and i get to know first hand if there's a good property for sale =D

secondly my earning = sky is the limit not like basic its fixed... yes basic earner is stable but i love having the challenge where i earn with the efforts i put and i believe in myself.

To be more precise I believe in my God My provider! If he is with me who can be against me? =)

Yet, im still the old me who will never give in against my conviction. I will never smoke like other agents did and other stuff! I choose to trust God as I dun wanna success by my self ... i want to Success in God's Way!!!

Succcess is a journey not a destination! A few of my partners ask me how come they did just like what i did to advertise the same property but end up only me receiving the calls? Whats the trick of my advertisement? I smile...I told Johnny they will never understand... its my Prayer! and also prayers from my friends and family =) I hope one day i can explain these to them!

Last but not least, in relationship, first thing i dont have the time for that frankly for now.. ..yes i did struggle about being the friendliest friend being a nice guy... friend told me not to be a nice guy cooz friends can hardly turned into lovers anymore.. as end up like now I have so many good friends even very close female friends.. i should be naughty and bad...dun listen to problems and become good friends, etc .. yes i did struggle to "fake" my self bad... but nah... ive decided to be my self! My real self and yes my friend you all still have me as ur good listener haha I strongly believe God will provide someone who will accept who I really am. =)

Me? Im still the original me! =)

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