Tuesday, May 13, 2008

360 Cable Car + DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!

Finally i manage to blog... been busy and lazy :P

Early Morning on Monday we went for Breakfast... Then our Journey to the west began~~~

Lantau Island 360 Cable Car
Smelly? Probably million's bad hair day? :P i forgot why are we posing that way... :P
Honey Moon Tong Shui Shop(Mun Kee Tong Shui)
i ordered Black Pearl
In the train to Disneyland!
Mabel -----> heres your tinkerbell XD lolzzzz
nice fountain!
3 donald duckssss!

This is the most exciting ride of all... Space Mountain? i forgot the rides name :P

Its a small small world... inside playing different language of "Its a small world after all"
A newly open "castle" sister told me Tuesday NewsPaper say Guang Liang and Fish Leung went for the opening or something...
The Parade! Grand!!!
Mickey and Minnie

High School Musical (Million smile soooo happily, wonder why huh :P )
We also went to see the 3D Movie... should be 4D i guess... Its not like genting so cacat one its so real the 3 D until when u see something flying out u actually try to dodge it! Somemore when they show blueberry cake u can smell the blueberry! also the water spray!!!
We also encounter we Stitch which is so naughty and funny that makes everyone laughing!!!

Raft across the river
Tarzan's Tree House
Penang Bridge before 1985
The monkey and the Tarzan!
Nice waterfall
The Castle (Nice Lighting)
The fire works

The End~


Hugo Lim said...

lemme give you some blessing.. lol

lets go hong kong again!!! with me!!!

kxin said...

me? serious? :P i tot someone else? XD

Mabel said...

haha... where's my tinkerbell?? I've decided to go after graduate?? want to join me?

kxin said...

mabel: inside the train lo XD

if i kena lottery and got money to go again la hahaha

ERNST said...

Kxin, U wanna strike lottery..make sure you buy lottery first la!(which I doubt u do..hahaha!)

curiositykills said...

bad hair day..very obvious lo :(

yeah! i saw the small small world article in the star also!! :))) and lotsa other specials that they recommend, we;ve been! wheeEE!!

eh the pic of me in the high skul musical very ugly lah! and oihHH!! i wanna watch HSM2 lah!!! :(

its not monkey lah. its jane and monkey :p

Mindytsc said...

Hey! how cum u guys like tarak expression wan(the space ship?) did u see mine? OMG!! *so paiseh*

kxin said...

ernst: lol i sometimes will buy eh when i super happy and "high" >.<

jane and monkey? sure r? i tot tarzan and monkey

mindy: coz ini nothing for pro like us >.< hahha but tell u a secret... someone not afraid of rides but afraid of "ghost" even tho she knows its fake .... rofl~~~ Oppssss~ i din see who :P