Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PreStige d@y prestige fOod in HK =D

Yung Kee Restaurant


After Depart from Macau to Hong Kong...

Evening - Settled down in Welcome Guest House Chung King Mansion

(RM46 per night per person nia cheap for HK accomodation)


We meet Auntie Sandy, she bring us for dinner...

At night we walk around Tsim Tsa Tsui...

Mong Kok, Jordan , Lui Yan Kai, Miu Kai...

those famous streets and night markets in HK!


Next Morning...

Meet up with Uncle Sin Heng at Central (HK Island)

The MRT and other public transportation are fast and efficient!!! No nid to wait prolong like in Malaysia -.-


Uncle Sin Heng first bring us to Shop at "LandMark"


The most expansive mall which sells only Super Brand like LV, Prada and many more that we never heard the brand b4...

The rental for shoplots in LandMark... around 1k per square feet!!!



Next ~

Uncle SH bring us to see those big buildings like Li Kah Shing's building, HSBC, Standard Chartered, China Bank... etc... then we manage to see the amazing sight of the gathering of immigrants from Phillipines...



Hong Kong Park - clean and relaxing- walk around- saw couples getting marry...



Lunch at Maxim Dim Sum in The Central City Hall.

its kinda like Dewan Sri Pinang but bigger....

This is the place where small concert and those budaya performance, orchestras were held.


We manage to see live Auction there. Cool experience...

They buy chinese painting like no need money -.- open bid 60k then not even 1 minute the bid raise till 100k + so many rich guy out there....


o ya we also met with an actor! hardly recognise him! Million lost the photo while data transfer



Next Stop~

we went our self to Jumbo Kingdom



Meet with Uncle Sin Heng and Auntie Sandy again for dinner...

Uncle SH belanja

Yung Kee Restaurant

One of the most famous and most expansive restaurant in HK Island.

Australia Dairy Milk Company - Kinda Famous Fast Food Shop with few outlets...
So many people... and so packed! U got to move as soon as you finished your meal...
their set lunch 2 fried eggs, ham, butter toast, milk tea, and soup macaroni (HK style without cheese but no taste mia) :P
View outside my accomodation... (part of it) actually this is Tsim Tsa Tsui and if you go down its very Lau Juak and crowded place!!!
My room in Welcome Guest House ( Chung King Mansion)
small room but very clean and comfortable

Sunday - Philipino Maids actaully have their holiday... they dun work for 24/7 like in our country XD They also got public holiday!
So packed and crowded... this is The Central- big advance city of Hong Kong Island
The compound is for public by HSBC (government rule) (its exactly the ground floor of HSBC big grand building) coz HK is small and they set that one building must create one cpmpound to benefit the public...

So every Sunday those imigrants and maids will gather and picnic here...

Lee Kah Seng's Building... Tallest Building there...
Cheung Kong Park... Remember abut the rule set by government? 1 building = 1 compound to benefit the public... this is by Lee Kah Seng's Cheung Kong Group
So many people queue up to cross the road...
Caught the police taling on phone :P

Hong Kong Park - something like our Botanical Garden (Sumore got small bird park, green house, tea house etc inside)
Inside Hong Kong park there is a marriage registrar office... This is one of the couple we met! The guy is a Korean we did take a photo with them but its with my friend...
Kindergarten kids and primary secondary students drawing posted on the harbour... Very creative and nice drawing!
This is Maxim Dim Sum so packed with people... have to wait for 20-30 minutes
Its one of the most expansive dimsum in HK as you can also see at least 1 maxim shop in every mrt station...

This is super delicious but looks expansive :P Thx to my dad's friend Uncle Sin Heng belanja makan XD

Its Shark Fin Dumpling... like the soup!

Jumbo Kingdom (Rooftop)
its 430 and now a peek hour for lunch nor dinner...
The free boat we took to cross over from Arberdeen Harbour out to the sea of Arberdeen Jumbo Kingdom
From Left : Uncle Sin Heng, Auntie Sandy and Me
(Million the photographer)

We had our dinner at Yung Kee also very expansive Restaurant in Central
They alreay have their 80 yrs of history!

Menu for that day
Roast Piglet
Roast Goose Drumstick(Siu Ngo Pei)
Red Bean Soup (Dessert)

The food's photos are with my friend but I heard she lost some of the photos while transfering...

Uncle Sin Heng is my dad's best friend since young... they went to school together! Now his the Manager of Magnum in HK and thanks to him that we can taste so many delicious food in these prestige restaurant.


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and fyi, philippinos in malaysia demand a day off as well. that is why malaysians prefer indo maids, besides the fact that indos are cheaper than phil.

we also went to Lam Yan Kai that night! :)

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