Monday, May 19, 2008

Star Arena Promenade

Bruce Lee~

Behind me is the Star Ferry cost arund 3HKD
Hand Print of Jackie Cheung
Star Cruise
Photo with HK Actress ( She act in 妙手仁心 and many more dramas)
sorry dunn her real name :P
Chicken, Scallop and dunno wat is the name crappy? scrappy?the mini lobster, tomato soup, bread and a cup of ice milk tea!Dinner in Chui Wah.. is it? blur liao


jėss.T said...

wow kx, u look SO good in the 3rd pic. hahaahahhaa.. like a pro director

Jessica said...

nice HK pics....woott~~
haven't finish updating yet rite? more more to come puhleezzz..i wanna see all places u went at HK. ^_^


Mabel said...

haha.. i know the HK actress name... 曹众... donno ppl's name but want to take photo with her...

curiositykills said...

it is Yabby :)

and it's Tsui Wah :p

i miss their milk tea!!! :(

kxin said...

jesst: thx thx >.< lol

jessica: ya sorry i was super busy + a bit lazy ... finals next week while u all in Redang T.T will come back to SO and blog soon after my exam

Mabel: ya i know her name d :P
dunno wor i walk walk walk suddenly she come approach me to take photo with her >.< hahahha

curiositykills thx for the correction... my chef frnd say its poison dun eat too much(yabby) :P

ballerina said...

aiyo,koko...i luv milk tea!!!hey...i think there's typo error on ur photo caption la.3hkd so cheap???

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Awaiting for your updates after your exam. Have seen Gavin & Debbie's.. .now waiting for yours...hahaha!