Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ocean Park~ Another Hong Kong's Trademark~

Tuesday 29 April 2008
4th day in HK

Ocean Park Entrance
a very relaxing park... Ah Pek and Ah em above 60 yo fre entrance...
Others they charge HKD 180+ if i'm not mistaken
Woooo a panda sales girl with a panda hairband!! (Note: with IMU t-shirt sumore >.<)
These are their rides... not as trilling as genting... I think they wana encourage family young and old to come thats why...

Big Fat Sky Troopers... lol i like this photos!!! so chubby and natural...
2 datuk 1 nenek... nenek looks so lost!
i forgot their name d... dun think they r called sky troopers gua..

Nice show... see how high they jump and stunt!
nice posture while doing the stunts! They are so young!
another jump and catch!
This is the Stadium for dolphin performance... so many people...
I believe the crowd more than our Malaysia Football Game haha
Night we went jalan-jalan around tsim tsa tsui...
Is it the night we walk so far for the cold noodles with tako? very delicious and cheap!!!!! Worth the price!
Will show the noodles photo later ;)


Vincent said...

You really enjoyed HK to the max. I missed Ocean Park when I was there. Looks like there's nothing much there..

curiositykills said...

whoa...the panda sales girl looks so chun!!
wear IMU t-shirt sumore ah? wahlau eh!!! makes her hotter loh!!! *salivating*

Mindytsc said...

Ahahahha!! accidentally read ur blog thru million's links!! Dis million is always very loyal 2 imu wan.She will always wear imu shirt everywhr she goes :P

kxin said...

vincent: erm ok lo ocean park is one of the HK trademark wat :P

curiousitykills: serious? Perasan-Nya haha i wonder why suddenly there's no customers in the shop until we got so many space for photo taking... does it have to do with the panda sales girl? :P lolz
I still prefer calling u Scottish Pig lah hahahah!!!

mindy: hey u got blog too? nice to see u here... hahaha ya she try to promote IMU in HK >.<