Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Casino de Royale ~ Macau

We were in the ferry (turbo jet) from Macau to HK it takes 1 and a half hour! The boat is a speed boat something like the boat we going langkawi...
This guy so kaypo... MIANG look XD
wa still looking... kaypo kaypo guy highlighted XD
lol most of the ppl sleeping but the guy behind me camwhoring thru my cam XD

(The above 4 photos is taken in the speed boat after the LisBoa and Macau tour when we r going over to Hong Kong) The speed boat cost us RM 60+

Before... in MACAU

New LisBoa <--- the most famous casino!

looks grand huh?

the old LisBoa... King of Gambler open mia hotel and Casino
They say the structure looks like a bird cage... those who enter and gamble will... u know la
feng shui~~~

Escalator from old LisBoa to New LisBoa...

One of the Cafe(Restaurant) in the Hotel "8" Eight Cafe

Outside 8 cafe! Someone is posting :P

toilet~~~ sooooo Clean and prestige


I do go play taxes holdem poker and won some XD great game haha mind game tho!!

texas holdem poker? James bond play mia lo in Casino de Royale :D


rachelK said...

u took the toilet pic for waT ???
ADUI!! anyway , ur trip look syok la wei!!!

kxin said...

to show Malaysian the difference of our toilet and theirs XD even their PUBLIC TOILET is cleaner and better than our gurney plaza toilet!!! the public toilet i meant includes those " Miu Gai, Lui Yan Gai" ,--- pasar malam public toilet... SOOOOO clean -.-

by the way stil got lots more photos haven't post XD

FireWire said...

how to compare? Malaysian know how build good infrastructure but never take care of it, build what also no use lah *lol*

jėss.T said...

lookin great in all the pics huh KX?

glad to knw u enjoyed it... did u buy me any Esprit?

lol.. j/k


rachelK said...

aduh! realy ??? msia public toilet not only gurney plaza la... whole msia public toilet is DIRTY lah!

kxin said...

firewire: true oso
jess: i did buy esprit but for my sister >.<

rachel: i mean gurney already consider clean d... but still cannot compare to those hk pasar malam public toilet... if wanna talk about public toilet outside the shopping mall by mppp even worse!!!

rachelK said...

aduh!!! i c i c ...
compare toilet pula ! kay i suggest u go pavillion or the garden toilet!!'
is super clean !!!!!!!!