Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don't Read This When You are Hungry!! (For ur own good)

I often recommend and tell my friend that Pinocchio Restaurant in Macau (Portugese Food) is one of the best ever food i ever tasted before! Dun believe? Judge your self! ;)
Cost me around RM 70
Pinocchio (Portugese Food Restaurant) Macau
Vege Soup
Ox-Tail Soup
Very tasty (they are not kiam siap with their ingredience)
Main Course
Judge ur self~ Nice?
Thats why i said for ur own good! Dun read this when u r hungry haha!
Ok this dish is Beef Fried with Onion and Special Sauce
(Superb) Thumbs Up!!!!

Portugese style sausage (a bit salty according to million)

Ya i feel salty too but i'm ok with it nice!! Delicious!

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