Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today is a great day to remember~

~PRAISE GOD!!!! He will always make a way!
~Thank you for giving me another chance!
~I'm really relieve and happy now!
~I will keep my promise to You!!!
~This blog will serve as a reminder for my self what promise i have made to you!

Today is different from other days! Not a very special day tho! Just the release of result!

My mood is anxious,worried, lost, don't know what to do... I do feel bad when parents pay for my expansive fees and i keep dissapoint them, really i do feel bad!
my brain is so blank!!! Coz i know more or less how my result will be!

This sem i took 4 papers! It is compulsory to pass at least 3 out of 4 papers in order to continue to study... thats Deakin Uni!

I know my capability, i'm fast learner, clever (misused it) and good in memorizing thx to mum since i was 6 yo train me to hafal all the chinese poem and Primary School train me to participate in Story telling and Public Speaking Competition that needs us to memorize!!!

Somehow my pros brings my con out of my self! Totally my fault! I'm weak in Self Control, Too-Playful, Sometimes Ego and Overconfidence, Worst ---- LAZY(by the way it comes with playful side by side)!!!!!

Since TarC Diploma my close friends know that they seldom see me in class.... 70% will not be in class some class even worse) Normal day at home? i never study! I still remember i went to find May Shen borrowing her text book to photocopy the day before the exam and study for around 12 hours and i'm fine with diploma...

that makes me a bad habit of laziness to study and find boring to go class... over-confidence not to depend on the lecturer and tutor... haiz....

Everytime i say i wanna change but still i remain the same! I can't stand the boringness in class....

As this sem some of u guys know i pass up my assignment last minute and made a big mistake... i handed a hardcopy bt accidentally deleted the soft copy before ihand up to Australia!
Thx to Miss Rohayati she gives me mark for the hard copy and try to pursuade Austalian Lecturer to give me marks even tho i din pass up the softcopy... Normally they won't allow this, so thats why i am so scared to drop out!!!!! a confirm fail subject because of my mistake in hand up soft copy! haiz....

As ussual this sem i wasn't prepare well for the exam! I only study 1 or 2 days ahead! Also a stranger to the tutorial and lecture class...

after finishing the exam i know i will fail one more subject which will make it 2 failing subject that will resulting me to drop out! I'm so lost!

I really pray very hard , making promises to God asking for His help! I know i can't expect my self not to study and pray for pass but what can i do? thats the only thing i can do now! The only way i can think of!I keep prying and praying and my prayer was answered! There can be miracle when you believe in Him!

Wanna know my result?

Finance --- 68 Credit (Expected to pass, i love maths)

B.Com ---- 46 Fail
(I dunno why i fail this... mayb over-confident with this so din really study)

Marketing Research --Pass 50
(Assignment i fail to pass softcopy expected to fail this but guess My Cikgu who gives me 15/30 for assignment get to persuade them to give me half of the assignment marks ---7 marks which is so precious for me to pass this)

Marketing Management ---Pass 51marks

( I tot i will 100% fail this subject the moment i pass up this paper on the exam hall! I counted my points...the maximum i can get is around 42 marks... maximum d! where did the 9 marks come from? MIRACLES?Thank You Jesus!)

I know it doesn't looks pretty but its superbly more than enough for someone who don't study like me!!!

So end up i fail a subject that i doesn't expected and pass 2 subject that i tot i will be a definite fail!
I'm not drop out! YAY!!!!

My classmate who read this!! Pls remind me of this blog and today if i ever ponteng again! =)

I shall keep my promise to change! I love You Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just too happy to express my joy! Will be back to edit this blog~ ;) or mayb i will keep this origin! will see how =)


Mabel said...

Hope you remember what you have said and promised to your GOD... I shall see how you gonna do it for the coming sem...

ballerina said...

hey ko!!
must work real hard.tressure all the time u hv.
like me, my life over here really bad.i dun hv enuf of sleep. slept 4hrs a day most of the time for the past few months.i am so jealous bout ur life in relaxing!!
everyday busy wif my assignments, presentations and thesis.wanna study like when i was in tarc oso no time.
every day feel so stress(when u hv a bad groupmates >_<)!!
ya, He is wonderful!!like last sem, i tot i would fail 3/5 the end, i passed!!Thank God :)
next time dun repeat ur mistake means other things k??i'll remind u everytime!! :P
i've updated my blog...go n hv a look leh!!
will c u next week!!YAY!!
miss u all sssso much!! :(

ballerina said...

ohya, b4 i forget...
if u face any problem, dun keep it in ur sure parents n me myself are willing to listen!!
if u dun say it out, we will never noe...n we will assume u dun hv any problem. :)