Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Olympic Torch at Tsim Tsa Tsui

Will we see this in our country? I doubt it!
Amazing sight!! So many people!!!

Even its raining you can see how many people there supporting the torch run!!!

Andy Lau Happens to be the torch carrier who pass by our accomodation!!


Anonymous said...

I like this blog. for real!

berto xxx

Raymond said...

Wowww, lucky u, u got to experience the torch rely!! its almost like winning the lottery...although not as richer ^_^

kxin said...

thx berto xxx ^^ cute photos

Ya lol and it happens that Andy Lau is the one holding the torch when he pass by our hostel :P

will upload his photo, i think i got his photo if not mistaken

kxin said...

After so many years! at last i see this happened in Malaysia! not by own eyes tho thru news! Bersih2.0 rally! a voice of the people!