Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Everything just seems so wrong~ arghhhhhhh!!!

What happened to me? Everything i do are against all odd!

Everything just not going smooth! Not only me, Jess who is a super friendly person were being misunderstand as proud, joyce who went to observe our latin dance class were misunderstand as well. they also grumbled about things not going smooth these few days! As well as a few of my really close friends far away...

Hmm... hows Johnny now in HK with Charis? hope they are enjoying =)

Whats wrong with July? was it cursed? arghhhhhhhhh!!!

Or is it a sign to me that I can't do anything without HIM!

I'm sick! Not physically but more to mental and soul~

Its time to turn back and walk home! its time to reconcile with Him!!! I know its a sign for me so does my second accident(a sign as well).

[Heart of Worship]
I'm coming back to the heart of worship when its all about You, its all about You Jesus~
I'm sorry Lord for the things i've made it when its all about You,Its all about You Jesus~

Feel better now =D Cheers Be Happy Always

this time i'm saying this to myself! =)


jėss.T said...

jess = lansi



kxin said...

Lol chill!!!