Thursday, July 31, 2008

An English Song was COMPOSED!!! yayyyy~~~

Yahooooo~~~ i finished my song composing for coming competition at last! An English song

Too make a draft demo to send it to my singer :P imagine i'm doing this midnight 12:35 hahahah whispering(dare not really sing) abo neighbour later say "Siao eh" !!!

(hahahah i'm high liao!!!! dunno what i am blogging and typing :P )

O ya my singer? Thumbs up! Keep it low first! Wait till you listen to her voice! Really amazing voice she has!!!Thanks a lot!

I'm planning to make a real demo in studio or in a home studio. i might arrange the music in church! arghhhh how i wish my church got CD Writer then can save money to go studio lo~~~~ aiks tho my church has a very good sound system but cassette really spoil the sound... so better not doing sound recording in church

(music can be arrange there coz i'm using keyboard with programs into the diskett)

Heard they raise this years prize DOUBLE~~ will last years winner get the fair chance to win again? =X hope i can win!!!! Need money to go Club Med ar~~ Bank no more savings liao :P

By the way going to the studio is not actually fully an investment prior to the competition la its also my hobby since i love music so much i can find such a good singer i might as well keep a good demo of the song i composed =)

Mayb i'll sing too... will see how i'll arrange the music this weekend!

Will post demo here when everything is done!!!

Next... my sister also wrote a song (lyrics) i'm going to write the music for her

Her song is in chinese ...

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