Friday, August 1, 2008

Jokes in wrong session of newspaper?

Last time i seldom read newspaper... but recently i always consistantly read the news paper!! Interesting!!! Very interesting news everyday!!!

especially the "joke" session i read from the newspaper! (actually its not a joke session but i just think it should publish at joke session)

The Joke:

Once upon a time in a far away land a guy go police station report he was being sodomised! After reporting to the police of a far away land country... he ngam ngam stomach ache he din go to the hospital to body check his sodomy but his stomach!!!Even more interesting the police never concern to send him or advice him or instruct him to make a body check to get proof for sodomy!!

The story even interesting when everyone thought the doctor who check for him went missing but in fact the doctor take leave dunno go where or mayb go holiday after missing for a period of time. So ngam ar!!! Must be infected by the stomach disease? another coincident!

Good Luck to the Mr X who was the one who kena dakwa sodomise ppl, i guess in someday sometime when only God knows when the "victim" out of no where suddenly has already went to check up and somehow someway proved positively being sodomised!

Really makes me laughing! Lame~

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