Friday, August 1, 2008

Promise is a promise!

walao eh? Promise is a promise ma!!!!

This is a story of my friend
who knows?
it is a story of you and me too~~~

Name: Surname: Kia English Name: Penang (Interesting)

I am a Penang Kia who is 23 yo this year! Since i am Penang kia so i write this a bit hokkien style la!

When i was born on 1985 my "grandpa" bought me a bridge model...

after playing with it so many years liao last year my papa say since i got so many hotwheel car... the bridge cannot support d!

wanna give me 3 big Gifts for my birthday another new model of Bridge , a HotWheel Outer express road or should i say track for my (hotwheel car) and another one is dunno wat d la forgot d aiya i remember is THREE BIG GIFTS as promised la!!!!

Suddenly hor i go visit my babysitter this yr on 8th March my "papa" see me so happy with my babysitter hor he JEALOUS o!! suddenly on June he withdraw his word o as a punishment to me!! He say he wanna use the finance on other purpose for the family!!!
din make sense eh! Annother LAME LAME TACTIC!!!

Orang macam ni how to trust?


Hannah said...

haha kxin :P havent seen you shouting anymore.. :P I linked you :P

kxin said...

lol busy busy got la but seldom... cut down d... ok thx ^^ will link u too~