Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wall - E (Side Order - Butterfly Effect 1 & 2 , Fight Club)

Main Dish
Just came back from GSC... nice movie must watch!
Funny + Romantic =)
Side order
Must Watch!
Rule: watch only when you feel boring...
1. Butterfly Effect
2.Butterfly Effect 2
3. Fight Club
This three movie has very creative story lines...
Watch this only when you feel bored and you will find these movies really interesting!
On the other hand,if you are on a rush or if you are watching when you are tired you will feel these movie very boring especially for those from chinese background... :P
Really creative and interesting movies!
Trailers :
Butterfly Effects
is a story about someone a family who have some strage brain desease that passed down from generation to generation... mayb i shouldn't put it as desease..
The person can actually by looking into the photo go back to time to undo something he regreted... then he will back to the reality again with different outcome...
Fight Club (this is not a kung fu movie)
I watched it 2 years ago... forgot some of the storyline...its something about
A man who looks like a loser working in a busy society stressful... routine life...
One day he met someone that has the same situation like him later on they try to fight each other... (not kungfu) just those box kicking... to release stress... gradually it attracts more and more people and they gathered up and fight each other to release stress from work...
Day passed by and their organisation become bigger and bigger... The organisation has two rules...
1. Never tell outsider about the existent of Fight Club
2. Never talk about whos the boss for this club...
i can't tell much tho or else it will spoil the creativity of this movie ...
Things to pounder:
Many times we made a move that leads to an outcome... every decisions will have different outcome... and manytimes we regret it! Treasure what we have now, when make decision, make sure to remind your self its the best decision you made that you will not regret! ;) Smile! Be Happy Always!


jėss.T said...

wall E romantic? hahahaha try having a garbage bin fall in love with a laptop.

same concept!


btw, my blog is updated ... WITH YOU INSIDE!! ahaahahaha.. dun ferget to comment =P

kxin said...

aiya got romantic scene ma ahaha cute ....

kxin said...

the solar fully charge system for walle they use the Mac Com start up sound hahaha