Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Yet Interesting Weekend!


Super Busy!!!
Need to prepare my music~

4.00pm went coffee bean to learn Photoshop creating Avatar and Banner thx Ms Wendy for teaching the noob! ~ ;)
(Consider last minute d coz Wendy leaving to Ipoh-KL the next day)

6pm Drive to Park Royal prepare for Party!!!
(Suppose to be Gavin's "farewell" party but HEYYYYYYYYY you will only be leaving on October man!!So what party was that?)

We did the same thing most of the ppl did in beach~ play around, bbq, chatting, guitar + a bit singing... etc...

Here comes the most interesting part hahahhaha

Park Royal~ I love the pool...


Obviously they "chained up" the pool and also put up a sign board saying "POOL CLOSED"

Its was 12 something and i just sneak to a corner and jump down into a pool... SY and Wendy stay besides the pool to "jaga"

lol manage to swim for 7 minutes! yay then here comes the employee apologize to me "Sorry Sir, the pool is closed for maintainance they are doing "pengklorinan"(i forgot what english word he used d -.-) and it is danger for your eyes"

Then i change location! The sea~ then the rest (5 other ppl joined me)
Enjoying the waves! But the brownish sea water is not so cool... mayb not that bad la but nevermind we can't see anything also in the dark hahaha

OMG 130am "PARENTS ALERT PARENTS ALERT" :P Its late so we went home!


Slept at 3 after online awhile woke up at 740 prepare for church...

I've serving playing the Piano for Praise and Worship, Johnny is leading... omg Intro on 2 songs one of them in E major its a challenge and very pressure for a noob pianist like me hahaha phew~ get thru tho not like sometimes might "sink" mia hahahaha

Guitar Class after church~ Learning Plucking on "How Great is Our God"

Afternoon went to Uncle Gabriel's house to finish up my music for my song composing~
Thx Uncle Gabriel for the help and for your time too =)

Yay at last i got 1 copy of song that is done using programing...The music is using guitar more can actually change the style and mood using computer software.. but i will make another type of music "Piano + Orchestra + Violin" tomorrow (i mean today lol since now is 430am)

Planned to go PISA PC fair but never have enuf time for that, too tired for that too! imagine slept at 3 woke up at 730 4 and hlf hour sleep only zzzzzzzzz but my weekend worth everything =)

This year i got tough competition d Nicole and her friend made a nice song with interesting modulations and variations, and the music was awesome too! I believe other composers from other 10 churches is putting a lot of effort in making nice music too~

Either winning or losing i'm going to studio!!! wheee~ why? i love music... since i can find such a great singer i might as well just make a better quality recording for my own composing as a hobby =D

Oya my singer that will help me in my song composing singing is in PISA working must be tiring working there for 3 days. Sorry to trouble you and thanks for the help! No choice you got a sweet voice! ;)

TY everyone who lightens up my weekend =D


jėss.T said...

lol... so wasted I didn't play water. Hmm... but i enjoyed photographing dei. haaahhaha =D

and ZOMG yall actually went inside the pool? okok cool, i assume the word he used was 'sterilization & chlorination' u'll get red-eye man if u swim w/o goggles

hahaha can't believe yall went to the sea to swim in the end... it's goddamn HUNGRY GHOST MONTH ok. not that i'm a believer, but still, EWW.

Had fun w ya'll peeps!

jėss.T said...

the worst part.. swimming in the open sea at past midnight.

*shivers* with FRIGHT and with COLD

kxin said...

yaya chlorination...

no la the water is warm =D