Tuesday, August 12, 2008

today and tomorrow~

Sister balik today~
(She's from UTAR Accounting... no holiday! She ponteng 1 week! someone pls report this to her lecturer or tutor pls!) wahahaah

Studio Recording tomorrow~
Yay yay looking forward~ Can't wait~~~~~~

Manage to find the best Female singer of Malaysia (Ms J) to help me and another Best Alto Singer to Backup (Ms A) and also Malaysian Best Pianist (Ms A)to play Richard Clayderman style for my music.. plan to do different style for my music more variety =)

They will oly be reveal after you listen to their talent

really crouching tiger hidden dragon :P

My Composed Song title:

My Heart Beats With You


ballerina said...

like that 1 la...
u ponteng can la...ppl ponteng cannot la...hng...
i kick u...*kick kick kick*

wEn said...

Hey..nice song u composed.


kxin said...

thx i just uploaded it to my blog =D