Friday, August 22, 2008

Credits for the demo recording =)

Its a Christian Song
I've send this self composed song demo to participate in CLCN Song Composing Competition 2008

Music and Lyrics by : Me

Male Voice : Me

Female Voice : Joyce Ang

Female Alto Backup : Anna Tan

Pianist : Abigail Tan

Violin : Me

Tada~~~~ These are the person who helps to make the recording =)
i feel so blessed to manage to have them to sing for my demo! Joyce and Anna has such a lovely voice so does Abigail's sweet piano =) really Thx a lot

Ya i know my voice is spoiling the demo haha and also the violin lots of mistake... violin is very last minute and the studio expenses is killing me! so can't really afford to record a few times to make it perfect :P By the way its only a demo, thre will be a real recording version for 2007 and 2008 Song Composing Competition Songs mayb around end of this year arranged by CLCN ;)

Its about song composing... So feel free to comment on the lovely voices of the girls =D but dun comment on my voice okay? :P hahah >.<

Really wanna thank my parents for me to have the privilage to learn music,paying all the expensive fees (piano,violin,latin,hip hop) and pinjam me the studio expenses... =) really gladful!
I really love Music! ;)

Last but not least give God all the glory =D


CynCyn said...

joyce rules!!
you rule too!!
ahhhhh i wanna sing~

kxin said...

lol of course i dun mind one ur voice so sweet

i just really paiseh trouble u all nia

next time find u all again haha i try go write a duet song :P =D

eh anyone know when is "Hai Luo Song Writing Competition" ar? or "Bei Gong Zhan" song writing competition? i wanna join too >.<

Hannah said...

the lady's voice so sweet and your voice complements (^_^) see not bad for a demo especially with the fact that it's a rush... so, competition eh.. :) all the best (^_^)

kxin said...

thx ;) hopefully i can win some cash so i can go travel... Krabi trip :P omg i'm so realistic haha >.<