Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm going for PART TIME JOB!!! YAHOoooooo!

Hiak hiak! =D i'm going to work later!!! part time at Pizza R Us!!!

Just finished interview and the boss ask me when can i start working, i reply:" tonight?"

Here we go the end of my boring "nothing to do" evening! Now i can earn more pocket money :P and spend my idle time ;) yay!!!!

(Thx to Gav who told me about the vacancies! The boss looks like a very nice guy ;)


Hugo Lim said...

harrrrrrrr..where is the shop!! i want go pong chan you!! =)

kxin said...

Prima Tanjung...
Come on Wednesday Buy 1 Free 1... the Pizza is sedap! price oso cheaper!


curiositykills said...

huh? ure reli working?
start d?
dunid go ther also u can go find my mom ask her to teach u hw to make pizza ler :p

kxin said...

ya start d today 1 week d ^^ nice boss...always get to eat free garlic stick,chicken wings... pizza and salmon buchette soon :P

i'm a very hardworking staff u know :P his lucky to have me i just can't sit still at home... too bored so i go find a job lo better than spend time on cyber cafe...

work part time = can earn extra pocket money for island trip and pass my time ^^

next year June kia we go beautiful Island... =) Thai (Krabbi) if no more chaos or club med redang etc ^^

kxin said...

million i oso know make pizza.... but the doze(pizza bread) need to use machine -.- if want make our self...especially thin crust is superb easy hahahaa