Monday, August 11, 2008

Where is BALA and The Doctor?

Bala made his first report for months and come up with his second reports in less than 1 day! He suddenly turned clever or something? Happy face before and a cucumber face after he made his 1st statement... which one is the real one?
I dunno I'm toooooo STUPID to make the judgment hahahaha! What about everyone in Malaysia? guess the same huh! :P

Now his totally hilang d... good luck....

Scary la~

Dr Burma after examine Mr X, he was lost and found then make some claims that Mr X is not victim and run back to Burma d even the Hospital doesn't accept his application for leave... he actually left behind everything bringing his whole family and just left... back to his own country!

I think he leave is because he want to go vacation ba... with his family... nothing else!!!

Good for you! Smart choice! Vacation is good for releasing stress

Too much stress will kill! So Relax la~

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