Friday, August 22, 2008

Song Composing - My Heart Beats with You 我心与你相系

Track 1 - Unknown Artist


My Heart Beats With You


Many times I turn away when You call me
Many things that I’ve done grieves Your heart
But I know You’re always at the door of my heart
Waiting for me to come back to You

In the darkest hour of my life
When everything around me seems so wrong
Yet I know You’re always at the door of my heart
Waiting for me to come back to You


Its You who show me what love is
A love from the Father
A love that is so real

Its You the reason that I live
You show me the meaning of life
A hope that never fails
I’m coming back to You

My heart beats with You



你多次 呼唤我 我离你而去
我所做 许多事 伤透你心
但我知 你永远在我心门等候
等候着我 回转归向你

在我生命 最黑暗的时刻
但我知 你永远在我心门等候
等候着我 回转归向你


是你 彰显什么是爱

你的缘故 我仍活着



Hannah said...

kxin... I am so surprised... you guys produce great music... I got goosebumps... I listened and gosh, I felt spiritual (recalling my innocent choir days in high school)... You.. You.. composed a lovely song... got nice voice... violin and piano *cool* and classy *tears* I know good music when I hear one.. where and how did you record this? If only you guys are here in Philippines I would recommend you to my uncle who owns a studio and is a producer also(*.*)and the lyrics especially... my my... *applause*

kxin said...

your uncle owns a studio and is a producer? wow... the studio i paid for is killing me T.T and its the only one as far as i know here in Penang...

lol the song is a very wide range and high pitch :P

thx for your compliment its encouraging ;)

curiositykills said...

give urself a pat on ur back! ;)

kxin said...

million ok haha