Thursday, August 7, 2008



Can you read the above statement? Life Is No Where?

Things can always be different depending on how you see it! So change your perspective change your angle of viewing!!! Learn to accept new things.
See from more angle and live a happy life with more positive attitude!!

Life is Now Here!!!!!


curiositykills said...


curiositykills said...

accept new things..and forget the old ones?
nanti people say ure cold blooded. so fast and so easy can forget and just dropped it as fast as u want it to..??

kxin said...

this message originally is recieved from u via sms u know hahaha! i just add the below statement... i just say accept new things change ur perspective of viewing from different angle..

nono shouldn't forget old things... but just dun dwell and endure at the past... move on and learn from the past... ;)

old ones?old things?
million cheers! be happy ;)