Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coincidence!! Wow Tomorrow everyone gonna strike LOTTERY first prize lo~~~

Hwat a coincidence...
Today 6 chinese school from Permatang Pauh gets 1.2Million from the governmet (BN)... they say this has nothing to do with the election!!! they have already planned to give long ago according to Deputy Education Minister...

Wow this is the most amazing things i've seen! Permatang Pauh chinese are so lucky out of so many area which is not under the governance of BN... you guys are the first to get these kind of benefits!!! hahaha what a coincidence!

o ya the election candidate is there too when the 1.2M is given away! XD lol

How i wish Penangites will be as lucky as them to get back our 2nd Bridge , highway etc....

oya other chinese school which asked for financial aids which has been waiting for years and years i hereby wish u better luck and be patient ;) who knows they have already been planning long to give just haven't execute it nia... soon when the "CONINCIDENCE" happen u will get the aids from the government! haha


Another coincidence! they approved the new law of DNA~

They say ---- this has nothing to do with Anwar case, the new law has been planned to be implement in yr 2001? or 1991? just so ngam recently it is passed!

Weih~~~ i think its really coincident nia lo!!! we all as Malaysian must trust what our leader say la!!! Believe them la! how would the leaders of Malaysia tell lies? believe them ! Malaysia Boleh! >.<

recently so many coinceidence i think i wanna go buy lottery tomorrow (Wednesday) yeah! Wish me luck! Who knows i will strike one tomorrow! =)


OMG is Anwar and his keadilan stupid enuf to whack those reporter 1 week before the election?
Mayb Anwar is doing this to spoil his own reputation? Haha Somemore when whacking the reporters they wear "KEADILAN T-Shirt"!

Ouch.... lame tactic la! Kids also know what happen! Nice try to convince us! =P

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People said...

The respond from the Chinese Community in Permatang Pauh is -whatever money given by BN, we will take! Because this is Rakyat money!

But when come to vote, we will give our Vote to PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

The moral of the lesson to BN, never expect we Rakyat always a beggar!!!