Thursday, August 28, 2008

CULPRIT has been arrested! Are they really from Keadilan or Rocket? =)

A group of motorcyclist holding "ROCKET" flags going around throwing stones into houses (just like the so call "KEADILAN" member pukul the reporters) before the election!

Is the opposition party so stupid to do these things? analyse ur self rasionall! Lame tactic!

This time a few indiana jones from Keadilan heard the news and come with their 4WD and surround these mat rempit and report to the police... Cool man! the "mat rempit" group were then arrested and sent to the police station! Yeah!

Come on! No better strategies and tactic? Insulting our intelligent man!

1 comment:

curiositykills said...

y rocket ppl so not steady wan? throw stones into ppl's house?random ppl's?