Sunday, October 12, 2008


上错贼车? 哈哈
Today i went SP fetch by a total stranger girl... first time meet... kidding about the above statement :P
should change to 上对了美女的车 wow not bad looking =D

she ask me dun i really scared to take the wrong car? she could have sell me 卖猪仔... i say i'm skinny not "bak bak" enuf... just all fats.... no one will ever want this 猪仔 lolzzz....

We went to meet her teacher in SP to prepare for next week performance... ya we haven't do anything not even choosing songs and the performance is next week... swt...

damn rich girl... -.- she got 2 violins 1 cost RM3000+ another one RM6000 made in German... but i still love mine more hahaha! =D i still think mine sounds better :P hehe 

Shes only grade 6 so we decided to choose songs that she familiar of...

"Can't take my eyes of you" - Carlsberg song


We went SP at 1230 when come back is already 5pm and i had to rush for my church anniversary rehearsal... starts at 7

Sorry Nicole my intro is always different hahahaha >.< thats me :P
I'm playing piano for her self compose song presentation tomorrow lunch... yet eveytime i play the intro i made my self everytime oso different >.< wakakaka interesting ma ;D as long as it sounds good it doesn't matter right XD

After a few rounds of rehearsal i suddenly feel so exhausted and tired... d'hydrated as well WATER~~~~~~~

when i'm driving home my eyes are closing...

reach home b4 i go to bed ---- MAKAN SUPPER FIRST Priority!!! wakakakakak
i cook my self... ham cooked with chivas + 五香粉   another dish is pork with kunyit

turst me i'm not bad in cooking... its tasty!!! just every dishes i cooked got 1 similiarity...

for food they always rate as - 色, 香 ,味   and i always fail for 色!!哈哈 haha they never look good XD

at least its 香 ,味 and thx mum for dare to try my dish =D

Time to sleep... i am so blur now... dunno wat i'm typing oso.... Good Night!

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