Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Movie- Millionaire's First Love

Korean Love Story

Found this movie randomly from PPStream

Sad ending...

The story and the music just touched my heart... Heart really melts...

watching the movie listen to the music tears will flow T.T

This is the music of the movie... really touching


If u fell for a girl that u know both of u r impossible, she'll leave u soon... or there will be obstacles that in the end u will get hurt and pain and will not be together,

will u go for the short relationship?


will u chose to evade and let go to protect urself before u get hurt?

In the movie the girl is going to die and the guy chose to be with her even tho he know soon he will be alone and bear the pain himself.


Besides that,

the guy has another decision to make... The guy has 5 more months before he inherit all his family wealth, for the moment he has nothing... he chose to forgo the 99.9% of wealth inheritance and accept the offer of getting the 0.1% of the wealth that moment just to please the girl to purchase the orphanage home the girl grew up.

PS: Its just a simple little korean movie tho u know its not real and the plot is so "expected" how will it goes... no surprises yet it just touches my heart!

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