Friday, October 31, 2008

Japanese Movie - 死神の精度 The Accuracy of Death God's Judgement

This song is their theme song entitled - Sunny Day

sang by the actress Fujiki Kazue (Konishi Manami)

Nice touching song~


Its not the kind of love story yet its a very very touching story! 感触! thats the chinese word...different from 感动...
it makes u think of life....

The story is about Takeshi Keneshiro 金城武 acting as Death God, his task is to determine if the object deserves to have a second chance to carry on their life or not. Everytime he come to the earth the sky always cloudy and rain... he never get to see the beautiful blue sky... this time his object of judgement is a young OL who seems so insignificant to everyone... but at last death god decide her fate to have the second chance and she manage to turn out to be a famous singer... 50 yrs later, the girl who has become an old lady is about her time now... they met again and the girl recognise the death God and they talk about her life for these past 50 yrs... at last Death God manage to see the blue beautiful sky and understand the meaning of life and death in another perspective. The plot is kinda simple yet what they say and their express are the best part of the movies!

Wahaha i bought this DVD RM2 dollars only... They throw this in a tray and i just picked this with other 2 more DVD... worth the money! ^.^ wonder why they sell this so cheap seperated from other DVDs which normally cost RM4 =D

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