Monday, October 6, 2008

Dad's Birthday - Star View Restaurant 26 September 2008

Its a very amzaing thing that me my dad and my grandpa happen to have our birthday on the same day altho diffiretnt month :P

We are 26th Babies! =D

Grandpa 26 Aug

Dad 26 Sept

Me 26 May

Cool huh!!!

First Dish
Dad and Mum
2nd Aunt and Big Aunt

Sister and Me

Island Treasure Soup (Translated)


Abalone.... My big aunt gave her portion to me coz she say she dun really like the tase..

I feel so SAYANG-ed! haha
Roast Piglet! Crunchy :P

We are superbly full until we have to canceled some dishes and also the noodles...

Yum Yum Yum.........


Mabel said...

Looks yummy ya...

SaeWei said...


kxin said...

mabel: of course.... so many favourite dishes :P

saewei:(wedding march roll....) dun jealous ahem... when can i go drink urs..?. when will u belanja makan? haha

curiositykills said...

eh the abalone is only for adults isit? :D

eh y ur eyes have to terbeliak lidat when take pic :p

kxin said...

adults? everyone there is adult lol dunno... coz i am not photogenic =P dunno how to take photo haha