Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1-4-2008 A P R I L F O O L

While i was in my class... boring nothing to do i take out my handphone...

Me : Wei i reached ur house d. Open the door for me thx. Pinjam ur computer to online.

Someone: I nt at hme aso.

Me: Wat? Omg. Wat time u reached home? U in college? But i heard sumone inside the house wor.

Someone: My mum lai. Nw watchin mv. I tink 5pm la 245pm mv ma. Y nvr call me 1st?

Me : Everyday movie one ar? Lol. To compensate yesterday? Ur mum open the door for me d. I use ur com har, just online nia. Faster come back

Someone: Haha ok. Don check my private folders can d. 5pm. Then go net sui?

Me: Tonight can't. I need to go somewhere else. By the way u look fit for today. Today is special. A big day for u. April Fool!

Someone: Maleh cb. Got trick by u haha.

I suppose GavC won't want me to tell who is this "someone"... so i'll keep the identity of "someone" as secret la! :P


TAN KHAY XIN got FOOLED by Ms Jessica

i think 2 yrs din i not being fooled... she broke my streak duh... and sumoreone the last minute!!!!!! SWEAT!

Jessica: Eh kxin, about the Gua Tempurung ar, my side got 6 ma, 4 of them wanna withdraw themselves haiz...

Me: huh? why? wat happen?

Jessica: they just can't make it!

Me: They can't make it because its in the morning? Omg.

Jessica: Yalor, coz its APRIL FOOL!!!!



jėss.T said...

I purposely waited till 11.59 pm so prank u...

wakakakakkaa. all I can say is,


after all, I AM godlike.. no? XP

kxin said...

i should have tot u r fooling me... just its kind of midnight and b4 that i am the one who call u so accidentally let my defence down -.-

should have knew that when u say 4 withdraw... so many wor... :P the most ma 3 nia... coz u ben and ur brother should be ok d one -.-

argh.... anyway! too late to regret! useless to think back!
yeah u got me! blek!

rachelK said...

omg .. damn bodoh ..
lucky i awake when she msg me tatz gua tempurang case ..
i replied huh ? y ?
but i felt weird . i msg her again , hey plz dun april fool me again har !!

tsk tsk tsk .. u did fool !! haizzz

rachelK said...

hey .. gview my blog.. =p

rachelK said...

plz take note of my blog title

kxin said...

so late belum tidur ke :P yalo i let down my defend! haiz...

jėss.T said...


in the end, my april fool joke not only became true but it became worse becos it wasnt 4ppl, it was 5.


kxin said...

ya lor.... so i dun care consider i didn't get fool :P lol its fact wat :P

Vincent Tan said...

Your streak still on KX.

kxin said...

vincent: yeah high five!!!

Moral of the lesson? Dun Tipu kx the innocent boy!! Coz it won't work! :P hiak hiak!