Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Everyone Wants to Rule The World!!!

In todays world, a lot of people is fighting for power. In politics, workplace, even colleges...

They want to become the one who lead in front! Not much people who want to be a follower!

In fact :
1) There is no leader without at least one follower.   (No follower = No leader)

2) Every leader requires allegiance.

3) Its the follower's degree of involvement that largely determines the natur of the leader-follower relatiosip.

4)Our success is linked to comptence and commitment around us.

5) Leadership is always about results ad relationships.

6) We are both leaders and follower... Everyone who desires to become leader must learn how to follow in order to be the best!


rachelK said...

zZzz,, i disagree !!! leadership not alwiz right !! i dun need leader , coz i hate he lead my future! lol

kxin said...

wat leader u talking about lol... there will be chaos if the world is without a leader .... lol