Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leadership Conference - By EAGLES

Attendance: Around 400-500 people
Venue : CCOP (My Church)
It cost RM 60 for this 2 days conference! I missed it yesterday the first session and today early morning i went for the second and third session. Kinda tired coz staying up late yesterday yet its interesting enuf to keeps me awake to listen to everything  =)
I learnt a lot from todays conference!!! Its really Great!
today morning session's topics:
~~~Leaders and Followers
time to get some rest! tonight still got two more session!  Will talk more about what i have learnt later on! ;)


jėss.T said...

omg. i miss that place

kxin said...

the leadership conference is really a good one!!! very efficient and effective!!

by the way wanna come this Sunday? this is the last Sunday i'm in church b4 go Hong Kong! =) COme la!!! ask ur gang come oso if they want too!! ask ben too!